Eltra presents new encoder EAMH with parallel output.


In 2017 Eltra created a line of encoders which was warmly accepted by it's customers, that is a revolutionary EAM range. Only few monthes later they submitted a new "Generation H". In february we saw the new SSI output model; and now let's pay our attention to the encoder EAMH with parallel output. Unlike the previous range, in "H" encoders the resolution has been substantially increased, reaching 48-bit (18 in single-turn with optical technology + 30 in multi-turn with magnetic technology). The 'Energy Harvesting' system, the high level of IP67 protection, the wide range of operating temperatures (from -40 ° C to + 100 ° C) and the speed (up to 9,000 rpm/min) are its major advantages.

If you got a need for ultra-rapid transmission the EAMH with parallel output proves to be the best solution just in terms of speed. There's no need for a dedicated interface card with the added benefit of ease of management. This model would be extremly useful to modified machinery and equipment.

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