Emotron frequency inverter


Emotron is a Swiss company, which produces highly efficient, ergonomic and multifunctional frequency inverters.


Series VFH 2.0 is the most universal frequency converters produced by the company. They have very precise control of electric drives speed.
The models in this series use frequency variation through torque control. So it is possible to use VFX 2.0 drives in order to manage the work of dynamic devices.

The devices of this series have the ability of implementing smooth speed regulation, direct torque control and effective vector deceleration.
This makes such frequency drives a good alternative to more expensive appliances.

A strong housing made of metal makes the device well resistant to dust, water and other substances harmful to mechanisms.
Devices have a power range from 7.5 to 1000 kW. The design also includes a ventilation system and ability to work at 28 types of speed. Such drives have a simple control system and a multilingual menu.


Frequency converters of this series are successfully used in elevators. They provide reliable, safe operation of such systems. The advantages of this type are:

  •  low noise level;
  •  smooth start;
  •  reliable brake system;
  •  minimal vibrations;
  •  load control capability.
  • Overload protection is also installed.


Models of the FDU 2.0 series are made in metallic housing. They can also be used as a sensor. Such devices are mostly applied in the pump equipment and the fan systems.
This series has a lot of advantages, for example, multilingual menu or built-in PID controller. Devices have the function of flushing pumps, jogging mode and good overload protection.

Presented models have easy and intuitive commissioning. This is achieved with help of a simple menu structure and possibility to use macros. Such frequency converters provide reduced power consumption of the system. It helps to make smooth adjustment of devices.


Converters CF are designed for three-phase engines. They have several advantages:

  •  modern display;
  •  high ergonomics;
  •  simple and clear installation;
  •  fast rotation speed control;
  •  overheating protection system.

Devices have a very flexible conversion technology.


These devices are designed to work with fans, taps, pumps and compressors. They have compact dimensions and can work with drives having a capacity from 0.18 to 7.5 kW.
The advantages of series include a clear setting, automatic restart, 8 sufficient speeds, and shutdown function at low voltage. Devices also have other useful functionality.

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