The greatest reliability in flow measuring: Siemens MAG 5000 and MAG 6000.


Electromagnetic MAGFLO flowmeters from Siemens provide the effective measurement of conductive liquids with high exactness (0,25-0,5%) in the wide range of measuring. The principle of flow measurement is based on the electromagnetic induction law of Faraday.

The MAGFLO flowmeter consists of flow sensor of type of MAG 1100 or MAG 3100 and electronic transformer of signals of MAG 5000 or MAG 6000 types that have two assembling executions: compact and carried.
Flow meters are easily configured by means of the system of menu with the use of built-in display and keyboard. Also they have proportional to the flow rate output current and pulse-frequency signals, and programmable relay output. The flowmeter can have a metering function and a special cleaning electrodes unit.
The electromagnetic flowmeters of MAGFLO are used in chemical, food, pulp and paper industry and also in the field of water consumption and in the heating systems. The special executions of flowmeters of MAGFLO are in this connection developed: food, for water, explosion proof.

The main function of MAG 5000 and MAG 6000 transmitters is to process the incoming signals from the electromagnetic flow sensor. Also they provide a function of power supply of inductors in the electromagnetic flow sensor.

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