New addition to the Eltra Encoders family: AAM36 magnetic encoder


The Eltra Encoders family is pleased to announce the addition of the first device with CANopen connection bus.

Absolute, multi-turn, encoding magnetic encoder AAM 36 is the first model that Eltra offers with an improved version of the interface. It largely simplifies and expands the connection and installation of the device.

These are not the only improvements; this model guarantees compactness, stability and reliability thanks to the design with separate chambers. The encoder also works itself in the counting of revolutions thanks to the technology of energy recovery, which is based on the Wiegand system (without the need for batteries).

It should be noted that the encoder has a resolution of 13 bits (for single-turn) and 12 bits (for multi-turn). Protection level IP 67/65 for single-turn and multi-turn, respectively.

Technical characteristics of AAM36:

  • Max external diameter: 36 mm;
  • Max shaft diameter: 10 mm;
  • Max frequency: 10 kBaud - 1 Mbaud;
  • Max resolution ST/MT: 14bit / 24bit;
  • Protection, IP: 67 / 65;
  • Linearity: ± 0,35°;
  • Temperature: -40°C ... +85° C.

The product has all the characteristics in order to become a bestseller in the Eltra Encoders range.

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