Sick distance sensors: the best solution for non-contact distance measurement in any production


Distance sensors allow non-contact measurement of the length, height or width of the object. The measurement of distance is one of the main tasks in industrial production, but since there are so many fields of application and objects for measurement, there is no universal measurement method. SICK has a wide range of distance sensors that can be used in both food and other industries.


Devices are divided into:

  • optical,
  • ultrasonic,
  • sensors for distance displacement (for long and short ranges),
  • position finders, etc.

Optical distance sensors

The principle of operation of these sensors is based on measuring the speed of the beam (this can be an LED or a laser). It is reflected from a special surface (directly the object itself or a reflective mark on the object) and then analyzes the light traversed, and then converts everything into a digital signal. Devices have a wide range: from 1 mm to 130 m. They are used for measurement in various industries, prevent collisions of moving objects, observe the level of filling of the tank, prevent the sagging of conveyor belts, check the location of the cranes.

Series of optical distance sensors:

  • working by the method of reflection from the object (DS20, DS40, DT, WTA, DMT, OD), 
  • by the reflection method from the reflector (DL, DME4000, DME5000 DMD, DML), 
  • reflecting both from the object and from the reflector (DS60, DME2000, DME3000).

Ultrasonic sensors

The principle of operation is built on a piezoelectric transducer (it is both a receiver and a radiator), which emits sound pulses, receives an echo and then converts the signal into a voltage.
Instruments are widely used in various fields of production, thus being a universal tool for solving problems in technological processes. They can determine the liquid level, control the movement of the object, detect labels (including those from opaque material), measure the distance.
Such sensors are not sensitive to contamination, dust, their body is protected from various influences.

They are subdivided into such families: UM (cylindrical housing), UC (rectangular housing), UD.

Offset sensors

The main groups are:

  • Distance sensors for a small range are laser sensors that have high accuracy and measurability at a distance of not more than 1000 mm. Used for sorting, adjusting and controlling processes. Due to such sensors, the quality of the final product is increased due to an accurate check, the cost of material spent and costs of costs are reduced. They are subdivided into families: OD Precision, OD Mini, OD Max, OD Value, Profiler, DT, OC
  • Distance sensors for medium range - can operate at a distance of 50 mm to 50000 mm. They do not depend on the structure and color of the surface of the object, which is measured. Thanks to this contribute to process stability and quality improvement. They are subdivided into families: Dx50-2, Dx35, Dx50.
  • Distance sensors for a large range - can work as meters, since they function according to the principle of measuring time after the passage of light. Also work as meters and switches in parallel. Due to the large measuring range, they solve a wide range of tasks and are applicable in various industries. They are subdivided into families: Dx100, DME4000, DML, DMT, Dx500, Dx1000, DME5000.

Position finders

The DMP family is photoelectric sensors with a high accuracy of up to 1 mm. The main branch of application is hoisting and transport and storage equipment. They have high reliability accuracy and speed.

Linear position measuring sensors

Non-contact measure speed and length. They are subdivided into families:

  • OLM. In this case, the system operates on the principle of the camera, fixes the position of the object along the tape with bar codes. SICK OLM can determine the object at a length of up to 10 km and an accuracy of 0.15 mm. It does not matter whether the object is on a straight line or a curved plane.
  • OLV. Fix the speed and length using the Doppler method. This ensures accurate measurement on any material, at speeds up to 80 m / s and at material temperatures up to 1100 ° C.

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