Sick S300 Mini: Safety is not a question of size.


For more than 65 years, safety solutions from SICK have offered people valuable protection. As one of the worldʼs technology and market leaders for intelligent sensors in industrial automation, we possess comprehensive knowledge for supplying plants and machines in a variety of industries. This expertise serves as our basis for creating innovative custom safety systems and concepts that meet tomorrowʼs requirements today while providing our customers with sustainable competitive advantages.

Safety laser scanners makes possible non-contact controlling of freely programmable areas. The compact systems are monitoring their environment in a fan shape and recognize any object in their detection zone which is similar to an optical radar principle of working. They can be applicated in storage spaces and in production areas. Fencing of working areas protection or access protection, in mobile or stationary execution - a wide range of products includes the most economical package solutions for any requirements. Thanks to the built-in rotating mirror a two-dimensional scan is performed freely.

After the success of the S3000 laser scanner from SICK , with the largest scanning range available on the market, and the compact S300, SICK presents the S300 Mini safety laser scanner. That is the next logical step in further miniaturization and an uncomplicated safety solution for all industrial sectors.

All scanners of the S300 Mini Serias have an ultra-compact design and are suitable for use in simple applications requiring a freely identifiable protective field. The triple field function allows one protective field and two signal fields to be used. That is narrowing down brake wear and downtime. The S300 Mini Standard, for example, is ideal for monitoring small, automatically guided vehicles, as well as for monitoring dangerous areas of small cars. Using CDS (configuration and diagnostic software), it is possible, using a personal computer or laptop, to set up uniform protective and signal fields quickly and conveniently.

The S300 Mini Remote has the highest functionality as well as an ultra-compact design. 16 triple sets of fields make the S300 Mini Remote very flexible, making it especially suitable for automatically controlled vehicles (FTFs) or maintenance robots. The triple field function allows one protective field and two signal fields to be used. This minimizes downtime and brake wear. The S300 Mini Remote has an internal interface (EFI) for reliable communication of devices. Thanks to this, extended system solutions can be implemented, for example with Flexi Soft security management. This allows you to monitor the front and rear of automatically controlled vehicles. Using CDS (configuration and diagnostic software) and Flexi Soft Designer, you can use a personal computer or laptop to quickly and conveniently set up uniform protective and signaling fields.

So choose S300 from SICK if you're interested in saving space and gain safety, easy integration due to very miniaturized size, minimum installation tension, greater machine output by removing obstacles, possibility of horizontal and vertical  protection, reduced downtime and brake wear on automated guided vehicles due to the triple field functions.

Eltra-trade offers extensive stocks of SICK laser safety scanners, so that our customers benefit from a trustworthy service we provide in Europe & the rest of the World. If you are looking for a laser scanner of high functionality in mini format we offer you S32B-2011BA model from our stock.