Sick sensor is the best solution for factory automation


The company SICK, founded by Erwin Siсk, began its existence in 1946. Today it is the technological leader in the field of sensor technology. The main office is in Waldkirch (Breisgau, Germany).

In 1952 there was a presentation of the world's first safe light grids, which was the beginning for the further active development of the company. Since 1972, the company has been actively expanding and opening branches in France and the United States. 

Today, the organization is represented by 50 branches around the world and employs more than 5,800 employees.

SICK is a dynamic company that responds quickly to market demands. The manufactured products are perfect for use in any industrial automation and create an excellent base for reliable and safe control over production processes.

The main company's products are:

  •  industrial sensors;
  •  distance and registration sensors;
  •  identification systems,
  •  safety switches,
  •  relays,
  •  encoders,
  •  machine vision systems and others.

Produced devices can be applied in a variety of industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, woodworking, metallurgy, food, chemical industries, robotics, consumer electronics, ports, airports, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, transportation, printing etc.


Proximity sensors

A variety of objects can be recognized without a mechanical contact. Such sensors are used for various industrial applications. They have a long service life, strength, accuracy and reliability. There are capacitive, magnetic and inductive proximity sensors.

Distance sensors

The task of such sensors is to measure the distance, which is an important factor in the field production. The measurements are based on optical and ultrasonic methods.

Registration sensors

Such devices are used to locate and recognize labels, and other colored surfaces, in addition, they can detect small details and objects. Can be used, for example, in packaging industry.

SICK provides a lot of such kind of sensors:

  • register sensors,
  • contrast sensors,
  • luminescence sensors,
  • color sensors;
  • glare sensors;
  • fork sensors;
  • array sensors
  • pattern sensors.

Photoelectric sensors

Photoelectric sensors are used to solve different tasks in automation. The manufacturer uses high-quality and high-precision optics, which guarantees the reliability of the instruments under various external influences. Among the products manufactured are fiber optic photo sensors, sensors for detecting transparent objects and fiber optic cables.


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