Siemens LV HRC SITOR: fast-acting protection for semiconductor devices


Fuses Siemens SITOR with ultrafast characteristics for semiconductors protection are designed to protect rectifiers AC short-circuit. Because of slight heat of semiconductor devices (diodes, thyristors, locked elements etc.) it is necessary to use fast acting fuses.

The features of their construction are such that fuses are especially stable in performance under variable loads. Account of constant time in closed loop circuits allows drawing conclusion that the SITOR fuses can also be used in DC circuits.

3NE3 2, 3NE3 3, 3NE4 1, 3NE8 0 and 3NE8 7 types of fuses have a super-fast characteristics of aR category of application (protection of semiconductors) except for nominal currents ≤ 63 A (series 3NE8 7  ≤ 32 A).

New series of 3NE 1...-0 with nominal currents from 16A to 630A have gR category of application (general purpose - protection of semiconductors)

The fuses of these series are intended also for conductor’s protection (overload and protecting from a short circuit) and semiconductors protection.  Their reaction on an overload corresponds to operational modes of the voltage of the DC-DC converters (V-converters).

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