Siemens Micromaster 420: universal solution to control the motor speed


Frequency converter Siemens Micromaster 420 is designed to control the speed of rotation of three-phase low-voltage motors with alternating current in the network. The rotation speed is measured by using of a Volt-Frequency method.

The Siemens 420 has the following property protection against:

  • overheating;
  • overvoltage;
  • short circuit;
  • changing of parameters;
  • overturning, etc.

This drive can be easily used for a sufficiently wide range of problems in the field of current speed regulation. When adjusting advanced parameters it is rational to use the device in specific conditions with increased level of difficulty.

It should be noted that this series of Siemens inverter provides a hard connection to the network.

Advantages of the Micromaster 420.

  • This model range has good efficiency (more than 95%). In addition, they also differ from many other similar devices with high overload capacity. Indicators can reach up to 150% of the rated current during a minute of operation.
  • Another important feature is the availability of a wide range of settings, which allow to expand the range of drive capabilities for solving various tasks. These frequency converters can be used to adjust in various devices.
  • These inverters operate on the basis of IGBT-transistors. Thanks to the design, a very wide range of capacities is achieved.
  • They also have a special microprocessor control system. Due to this range of converters are available in wide range.

Siemens 420 can be called one of the most reliable and high-quality settings for the conversion speed rpm engine.

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