Siemens Micromaster 430: effective drive for electric motors control


Converter Micromaster 430 is designed for adjusting the speed of rotation of electric motors with small and large capacity. The device is characterized by an extensive set of functions. Due to this, it can be used to solve a variety of problems related to tuning or changing the speed of motors rotation. In addition, the Micromaster 430 is easy to operate. It can be easily connected as a standalone independent equipment or as part of an entire system.Due to the modular design of the device, it is easy to configure it. As a result, the Siemens 430 can be easily configured for a specific task. In addition, the frequency converter has 6 discrete, 2 analog inputs and three built-in relays.

Siemens Micromaster 430 benefits

Among the main advantages, it should be noted that this device has as many as 4 different frequencies pass against resonance. In addition, the device automatically compensates for slipping.
The device is based on IGBT and has digital microprocessor control.
It should also be noted that this Siemens drive has fast-acting FCL limiters, as well as digital inputs, thanks to which the exact input of parameters is carried out.

Operational characteristics:

  • The input voltage ranges from 0 to 380 V (three-phase). 
  • At the output 380 volts max. 
  • The permissible frequency at the input of the mechanism should not exceed 47-60 Hz, and at the output - 650 Hz. 
  • Characterized by high overload capacity. 
  • Has a built-in VT mode, which provides the functionality of the mechanism under varying loads.
  • The overload capability can reach up to 110% when working with alternating current for 60 seconds.
  • The range of permissible temperatures at which the normal functionality of the device is ensured ranges from -10 to +40 degrees, provided that the air humidity does not exceed 95-96%.
  • The mechanism itself works almost silently.
  • If there is a power failure or a malfunction in the program, the Siemens inverter will automatically restart in the automatic mode.
  • The device has an increased degree of protection against overheating, overvoltage and overturning.
  • Blocking can also be placed on changing the parameter list.

Protection characteristics of Micromaster 430

The Siemens 430 has the following property protection against:

  • overvoltage; 
  • overheating; 
  • motor with a thermistor or a special built-in sensor; 
  • short circuit; 
  • engine blocking and parameter changes, etc.

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