Siemens Micromaster 440: the ideal solution for regulating the speed of rotation of low-voltage electric motors


The Siemens Micromaster 440 is the ideal drive for adjusting the speed of AC motors. Particularly suitable for applications requiring frequency converters with a wide range of control.

The mechanism works almost silently due to the increased PWM frequency. Micromaster 440 is easy to use and very practical. It also meets all the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and international quality standards.

Due to the modular design, the converter has a flexible configuration system. It can easily be configured to solve many tasks related to the adjustment of the speed of the motors running on electricity.
The mechanism of Siemens 440 has 6 full built-in inputs and two analog inputs and outputs. In addition, the device has three relay junctions with an active load of 30V and an inductive load of 250V. Thanks to these characteristics, as well as some features of the mechanism, the drive provides complete engine safety.

Protection characteristics of Micromaster 440

  • overheating,
  • overvoltage;
  • circuit protection;
  • overturning, etc.

In addition, this drive is also equipped with an I2T protection system and engine blocking.

SIEMENS Micromaster benefits

This Siemens frequency converter has the following advantages:

  • It is based on the IGBT base with microprocessor-based digital control.

  • Like the Siemens Micromaster 420, this device has a built-in PID.

  • Has high-quality and reliable vector control.

  • The acceleration and deceleration time ranges from 0 to 650 s. The mechanism also provides for smoothing the start curve.

  • Has a high-speed and efficient digital input and current limiters that provide trouble-free operation.

  • Has an integrated brake unit.

  • Precise parameter input is provided by the presence of an analog input.

  • It is characterized by the presence of 4 different transmission frequencies against the resonance itself. In addition, if the work is disrupted or the electric current is lost, the device will resume the functionality in the automatic mode.

  • If necessary, the settings can be transferred to other devices of the same type.

The described Siemens drives are equipped with an extended panel of the AOP series for the operator and BOP for maintenance. All information about a breakdown or failure in the robot is instantly displayed on the screen.

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