Siemens pressure sensors


Pressure sensors are special devices that convert pressure value into a digital signal. Siemens SITRANS P have advantages over other brands by its technical characteristics and reliability in use.

Benefits of Siemens sensors

The company pays special attention to the manufacture of pressure sensors. This is because that type of equipment has been often used with a serious loads and must be extremely stable.

Therefore, the company's devices are equipped with a high degree of protection and durable housing for working under pressure.Also, in operation appliances must cope with its task and continue give accurate measurements despite the actual interference.

Siemens solved this problem with a unique digital algorithm. Thanks to this innovation, the device manages to produce all measurement without distortion and give accurate results in spite of adverse conditions.

It also allows you to make an impact and suppress electrical hindrance.

How to choose a type of Siemens pressure sensor?

Siemens pressure measuring instruments belong to the Sitrans family.

Before make a choice, you need to know exactly what the sensor will be used for. After that, you can already choose the model that is most suitable for the specifications.
Today, the company's products include several series:

  • SITRANS P500 A series of very accurate devices, which are created for conditions with high requirements for thoroughness of indications. Measurements are made at the highest level of accuracy.
  • SITRANS P320 / 420 The uniqueness of this series is the remote control security. Equipment can be programmed and controlled from a distance. This allows to significantly simplify and speed up the work.
  • SITRANS P410. A series of high-tech sensors with built-in functions as HART, PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION Fieldbus. It has an increased measurement accuracy (0.04%).
  • SITRANS P DS III. A series of sensors that allows measuring all types of pressure, as well as the flow and level of substances. Equipped with PROFISAFE technology, which guarantees security from beginning to end of system.
  • SITRANS P310. Sensors that have an integrated HART diagnostic function and very easy to use. They have a basic design and are created for simple measurements with low accuracy requirements.
  • SITRANS P 300. A series of devices with high measuring accuracy and a good safety. The appliances are designed with a stainless steel housing and fully hygienic technological compounds. Designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • SITRANS P280. Special sensors that transmit status, diagnostic information and can be adjusted by the user with radio waves. It has batteries designed for ultra low power consumption and a compact, durable housing design. Suitable for direct installation in tanks and pipes.
  • SITRANS P200, P210 and P220. Devices are single-range transmitters that are capable of measuring absolute and calibration pressures. Stainless steel and ceramic models available. Suitable for measuring absolute and hydrostatic pressure.
  • SITRANS P Compact. Analogue transmitters, capable of measuring absolute and relative pressure type. Designed for food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • SITRANS LH100. Converts pressure to a standardized signal from 4 to 20mA. They have a high level of protection against mechanical damage (IP 68). Suitable for measuring hydrostatic pressure in a system.
  • SITRANS LH300. A series of submersible devices. The design consists of a housing made of stainless steel and a piezoresistor ceramic sensor. Perfect for working with liquids, can be used to measure drinking water.

The company's products are widely used throughout the world in almost all types of industries. During this time, it has established itself as an extremely reliable and high-tech device.

How to Buy Sitrans P

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