Siemens radar transmitters: best solution for changeable conditions


Transmitters are designed for continuous level measurement of liquids or bulk solids. The range of measurement depends on the type of the transmitter.

The transmitters for continuous measuring can be contact or non-contact. Non-contact transmitters work without contact with the medium, for example, radar
transmitters, laser transmitters, etc. Non-contact transmitters are especially useful in conditions of increased complexity.
For example, the radar technology does not require a carrier medium and the microwaves propagate at the speed of light (300,000,000 m/s). Radar technology does not depend on temperature, pressure, vapor and dust and provides the ability of measuring up to 100 m. The basis of the radar measurement is the determination of the time from the radiation of the signal to the reception of the reflected echo. The measured time is used to calculate the distance.

Unlike to the others, non-contact radar transmitters are easily installed and operated so they save time and money

The distinctive advantage of Siemens radar transmitters is a signal processing technology - Process Intelligence - an echo processing technique that automatically brings out and puts down "false" echoes to improve measurement accuracy. The technology is developed by Siemens engineers who used the experience of a million applications in one instrument.

Siemens offers great number of models to fulfill various requirements of measuring in conditions of high temperature and pressure, dustiness, chemicals,
non-permanent dielectric properties, in extreme conditions and in case of explosion hazard, etc.

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