Siemens SITOP compact power supplies


Power supplies provide a stable energy supply with the specified parameters for the electronic devices operation.

Compact blocks SITOP

Saving space in industrial cabinet is a topical issue in production. To solve this problem, compact models of various devices with reduced sizes for the control system are produced. This devices series has a very small dimensions that allows it to install in cabinets with lack of space.

Such power supplies are single-phase and work with devices that do not require large performance. However, their main advantage is the ability to provide minimal power losses, almost independently of loads.

That function can be performed even in idle mode. It allows to effectively use the blocks in devices that are often forced to be in standby. Using the power saving function will allow significant resource savings.

SITOP PSU devices have different types of input. They can work in AC and DC networks. The single-phase broadband input operates with voltages from 85 to 264V with alternating and from 110 to 300 V with direct current.

Due to such design, they can provide a stable power supply even with sharp jumps in network. This is ensured by the fact that equipment can regulate the output voltage and locally compensate its sudden changes. Such a function will significantly protect entire industrial system from emergencies and extend the life of all elements included in the network.

Presented units are equipped with a special warning light. Green LED indicates that the device is operating normally and that the output voltage is stable. The devices are equipped with plug-in connectors, which greatly simplifies electrical connection to local systems. Terminals on the plugs perform coupling function and provide quick connection to wiring.

Power supplies Sitop Compact have a number of useful properties and advantages:

  1. Small mounting surface.
  2. High efficiency
  3. Great energy saving
  4. Large temperature operation range.

Equipment is fully certified for international and local requirements.

Siemens SITOP Compact Power Supply Models

All blocks have the same parameters of length and height (80x100mm) and generally differ only in width. They have IP 20 protection class and overload function to prevent breakdowns due to short circuit.

There are two main categories depending on the maximum operating voltage:

  • 12 V;
  • 24V

In the first case, the units are designed to output 12V direct current at the output. Two models of this type are produced.

SITOP PSU100C V / 2 is designed to work with a voltage of 100-230V AC and 12V and 100-300V at the input. The width of the device is 30mm. The smallest available unit at 12V. Power consumption without load is only 0.5 W.

SITOP PSU100C 12 V / 6.5 The width of the unit is 52.5 mm, and the weight is 0.32 kg. Unlike the previous model, it is able to work with a higher value of the rated current at the input 1.6–0.75 A.

The next category consists of blocks that are capable to work with output voltage of 24V DC. These include:

SITOP PSU100C 24 V / 0.6 A. As well as the previous versions, it works with 100-230V ac and 110-300V dc at the input. Device has the smallest size of entire series, its width is only 22.5 mm, and weight is equal to 0.12 kg.

SITOP PSU100C 24 V / 1.3 A has the same input parameters as the previous model. The output is capable of producing a constant current of 1.3 A with a voltage of 24V. Width is 30mm and weight is 0.17 kg.

SITOP PSU100C 24 V / 2.5 A. This model provides a constant rated output current of 2.5A. With a width of 45mm and a weight of 0.22 kg, this unit has the highest efficiency in the entire series - 89%.

SITOP PSU100C 24 V / 4 A. The most productive representative of the series. As to the previous series efficiency is less than only for one percent and is 88%. Able to produce rated current 4A at the output. The case width is 52mm.

There is also created a model with SITOP PSU100C 24 V / 3.7 A, the feature of which is the special output of the NEC class 2.

On our website you can find the most popular Siemens power supply models.

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