The F99-Fusion from Pepperl+Fuchs: compensating for external acceleration


Inclination sensors have the widest application. For example, with their help, you can determine the inclination angles on mobile work platforms. But as soon as the forces begin to act on the sensor and the forces are different from the gravity, errors in the measurements are possible.
Pepperl + Fuchs have found a way to compensate for external acceleration and make the measurement in dynamic applications possible. F99-Fusion technology compensates for external acceleration and thus not only improves the efficiency of existing applications but also opens many new ones.

F99-Fusion is approved by E1 and GL. Therefore, such sensors can be used for marine and off-road applications. The new inertial measuring unit is exceptionally reliable and is ideal for determining inclination angles and acceleration in mobile equipment.

For such heavy vehicles as dump trucks, wheel loaders, or forklift trucks it is very important to track the angle of inclination. If you turn the corner too sharply you can turn the car over. The F99-Fusion solves this problem by providing 360 ° tilt control.

The angle of rotation on the slopes is limited by the data provided by the inclination sensor and thus the transporter continues to operate in a normal and safe mode. Thanks to an intelligent merge algorithm F99-Fusion, external acceleration compensation is possible while the vehicle is being braked, turning or accelerated.
It becomes possible to prevent accidents associated with the unregulated angle of rotation
The onboard scales measure load weights directly on moving vehicles in order to reduce the time spent on transport. Such scales can be found in modern wheel loaders. So the weight of the groove is measured immediately in a ladle or when loading goods into large ports.
For an absolutely accurate measurement between loads, you need to pause. Time is very expensive in these cases that is why the measurement error is accepted and no pauses are made.
If you use sensors with F99-Fusion you can accurately determine the weight. Thanks to the possibility of compensation for external acceleration it is also possible in dynamic motion and without losing valuable time.

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