UNIVER pneumatic cylinders review


Our company supplies original equipment from the one the world most famous manufacturer Univer Group. Our online store range includes pneumatic cylinders of all types which meet various needs of industries operating in different fields.

Pneumatic cylinder is a mechanical device that operates by using the power of compressed gas to generate a force in a reciprocating linear motion. The force of the compressed air pushes the piston which starts the work of the necessary mechanism of the production network.

All UNIVER pneumatics is divided into few categories depending on the functional features:

• Standards-based cylinders;
• Standards-based compact cylinders;
• Oval cylinders;
• Short-stroke cylinders;
• Rotating cylinders;
• Rodless cylinders.

Let's look at each subspecies in more detailed way.

Standards-based cylinders

Standard pneumatic cylinders have distinctive quality and reliability index. Such cylinders are environmentally safe so they can be used in pharmaceutical and food industries.

Standards-based compact cylinders

Standard compact cylinders are manufactured complying with the ISO 21287 standard but each series of such cylinders have a slight difference in mounting dimensions. Due to the diameter range cylinders are available in the range of values from 33 to 100 mm.

Oval Cylinders

The oval UNIVER pneumatic cylinder is characterized by a more compact case comparing to a standard round cylinder. This makes possible using it to create the assemblies of several coupled cylinders with reduced overall dimensions (in width). The oval profile of the piston prevents rotation of the rod relative to the reference axis.

Short-stroke cylinders

Short-stroke cylinders are specially designed for production with a limited installation space.Its unique shape allows the assembly of few coupled cylinders with diminished in width overall dimensions.

Rotating Cylinders

Rotating cylinders are used to drive cartridges and mandrels of lathe, turret and intragrinding machines. They are fixed at the rear end of the spindle. 
The Univer rotary cylinders incorporate several technology characteristics to provide a higher level of reliability and accuracy. The solid mechanical design increases application possibilities within modern automation.

Rodless cylinders

In this category the piston is equipped with a permanent magnet so it makes possible determining the position of the carriage during operation. This function is possible due to magnetic position sensors located in special pits on the walls of the cylinders. Also, rodless cylinders are equipped with adjusting cushioning and the function of the braking force that is activated at the end of each stroke.