Univer Pneumatic: leader of pneumatic industrial automation components


Univer Group is the world-famous Italian concern for the production of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment (pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, pressure regulators, filters, pneumatic clamps, etc). The company started in 1971, the first in the country to produce vacuum pneumatic valves.

The company's plants are located on three continents. The company opened its branches in Germany, Spain, China, the USA, France, Brazil and Poland.

The expansion of the market and the growing recognition only improved the quality and reliability of the products. Significant investments in technical development bear fruit, and today Univer has more than 150 patents for unique pneumatic equipment.

Advantages of Univer equipment

A distinctive feature of the company is high quality and at the same time the relative simplicity of the design in operation. The component electronics for pneumatic systems are produced by our own efforts, which allows to control all the components of products.

All produced pneumatic valves and pneumatic cylinders have the ability to replace old parts with new ones, which saves considerable finances in case of breakdowns.

Types of Univer Pneumatic

The company's products are represented by the following equipment:

  • air filters (HZ942G, HZE-C, HZE-F, HZE-L, HZRM, HZRP10, HZE-P, HZE-N, HZE-B, HZE-S, HZ9P, HZE-Y, HZE-D, HZE-R);
  • pneumatic valves - valves (A, AA, AB, B, В11, B10, B12), standard valves (BE, BE12, AC-N, BD, AE), spool valves (GL6, G6, F, CL, E, PS, CM, G7), solenoid (AI-JET2, AC, AI-JET, AG, CH, AM, AI, AF), compact (P15, P15E, P10), auxiliary and accessories (TC, YR, AP, AM-5200, HZ9N12, AM- 50-AM-55, AM-5220, HZ9N, YF, YG-6300);
  • standard pneumatic cylinders Univer - miniature (K Ø 160-200 Ø250-320, KL, KE, KD), compact (RM, RO, RN, RP, RS (Ø 80-100), RQ, RV, oval), rodless (S5, S1, VL1), short-stroke (W), rotating (YR3, YR2, R), high-tech (High-Tech category), telescopic (RW, RT), dampers (YDA-YDR) and accessories to them;
  • pneumatic actuators, grippers, locks;
  • pneumatic equipment for automotive production;
  • pneumatic clamps (UBS, UBQ, UBT, UBP, UFL-UHL, UBM, UHL, IBP).

The equipment produced by the Univer Pneumatic is widely used in virtually every branch of industry around the globe. Such a wide popularity of pneumatics deserved proven quality, reliability and ease of operation. Thanks to the qualitative modernization policy, the company constantly improves and transforms the produced products, which only contributes to an even greater growth of its popularity.

You can get acquainted with a wide range of products from the Univer Group and you can buy in the Eltra Trade Company, which is the official distributor of this famous brand.

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