Watch our new video on ABB ACS880 Drives.


You can watch our new video with ABB ACS880 Drives overview on YouTube Eltra Trade channel:

ACS880 drives are part of a line of ABB universal-compatible drives. They possess compatibility almost with all types of automated systems and technological processes and respond to all user and commercial requirements. They are developed to work with devices of any capacity, driven by electric motors, in various spheres of industry.

Universal compatibility is provided due to the newest innovative construction of drives, which facilitates the process of exploitation, allows to optimize the electric power consumption and helps to increase productivity to the maximum. The ACS880 series includes wall-mounted industrial drives and also cabinet-build regenerative drives with low harmonic.

Among the points of ACS880 are wide range of security tools, direct torque control, removable storage device, power optimizer, remote access with NETA-21 module, communication channel between drives and others.