ABB ACS355 machinery drive

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Output Current12.5 A
Output Power5.5 kW7.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight13.7 kg
Output Current2.4 A
Output Power0.37 kW0.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.7 kg

Frequency converters 4.7 A, 0.75 kW1.0 Hp, 1.8 kg

TypeSolar frequency converter
Weight1.8 kg
Output Current6.7 A
Output Power1.1 kW1.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.9 kg
TypeSolar frequency converter
Weight1.9 kg
Output Current7.5 A
Output Power1.5 kW2.0 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight2.2 kg

Frequency converter 2.2 kW3.0 Hp, 9.8 A, 2.4 kg

Output Current1.2 A
Output Power0.37 kW0.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight8.4 kg

Frequency converter acs355 03e 05a6 4 5.6 A, 2.2 kW3.0 Hp, 1.8 kg 

TypeSolar frequency converter
Weight1.8 kg
Output Current5.6 A
Output Power2.2 kW3.0 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight8.4 kg
TypeSolar frequency converter
Weight8.4 kg

Inverter Drive

Weight0 kg
Weight0 kg
Weight0 kg
TypeAC500-eCo PLC Kit PM554 PLC
Weight1 kg
TypeFrequency converter
Weight10 kg
TypeACS350 IP66 Press Relief Valve Kit
Weight0.11 kg
TypeFrequency converter
Weight20 kg
TypeFrequency converter
Weight20 kg
TypeACS355 multilanguage short form
Weight0.01 kg
TypeExtension modules
Weight0.1 kg
TypeExtension modules
Weight0.1 kg
TypeSolar frequency converter
Weight2.4 kg
Output Current1.2 A
Output Power0.37 kW0.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.7 kg
Output Current1.9 A
Output Power0.55 kW0.75 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.7 kg
TypeSolar frequency converter
Weight1.7 kg
Output Current1.9 A
Output Power0.55 kW0.75 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight8.4 kg

ABB ACS 355 series of frequency converters is intended for the realm of general machinery. Its main advantage is embodiment of many functions in one drive. At first this series are designed for the production of the control cabinet. Also it can be used  by the end users.
Branches of industry of ABB ACS355 drives setting are very multifarious. For example they include textile, woodworking, food, printing, packing, production of plastic and others.

Drives allow working with various industrial protocols. The result is possibility of connecting of ACS 355 drive practically in all systems of automation.
Drives can control the moment and speed both motors with permanent magnets and asynchronous motors.

Benefits of ACS355 drives:
- protection due to disconnecting  of moment (built-in function);
- sequence programming (built-in function);
- the power range 0,37 … 22 kW;
- convenient drive design and size (enables to shorten a place in the control cabinet and shortens the installation period);
- application macros;
- vector control.

  • ACS355 DEMO, WITH TRAVEL CASE 3AUA0000070991
  • ACS355 multilanguage short form 3AUA0000092940
  • ACS355 PLC Starter Kit VA924R1A355I
  • ACs355 Promo sleeve with 400 VA923R1A355I
  • ACS355 Reorder Modbus Kit VA476R1A355I
  • ACS355 Reorder Modbus Kit VA476R2A355I
  • ACS355 Reorder Modbus Kit VA476R3A355I
  • ACS355 Reorder Modbus Kit VA476R4A355I
  • ACS355-01E-02A4-2 3AUA0000058166
  • ACS355-01E-04A7-2 3AUA0000058167
  • ACS355-01E-04A7-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157173
  • ACS355-01E-06A7-2 3AUA0000058168
  • ACS355-01E-06A7-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157174
  • ACS355-01E-07A5-2 3AUA0000058169
  • ACS355-01E-07A5-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157175
  • ACS355-01E-09A8-2 3AUA0000058170
  • ACS355-01E-09A8-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157176
  • ACS355-03E-01A2-4 3AUA0000058182
  • ACS355-03E-01A2-4+B063 3AUA0000058156
  • ACS355-03E-01A9-4 3AUA0000058183
  • ACS355-03E-01A9-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157187
  • ACS355-03E-01A9-4+B063 3AUA0000058157
  • ACS355-03E-01A9-4+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157207
  • ACS355-03E-02A4-2 3AUA0000058171
  • ACS355-03E-02A4-2+B063 3AUA0000058148
  • ACS355-03E-02A4-4 3AUA0000058184
  • ACS355-03E-02A4-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157188
  • ACS355-03E-02A4-4+B063 3AUA0000058158
  • ACS355-03E-02A4-4+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157208
  • ACS355-03E-03A3-4 3AUA0000058185
  • ACS355-03E-03A3-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157189
  • ACS355-03E-03A3-4+B063 3AUA0000058159
  • ACS355-03E-03A3-4+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157209
  • ACS355-03E-03A5-2 3AUA0000058172
  • ACS355-03E-03A5-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157177
  • ACS355-03E-03A5-2+B063 3AUA0000058149
  • ACS355-03E-03A5-2+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157200
  • ACS355-03E-04A1-4 3AUA0000058186
  • ACS355-03E-04A1-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157190
  • ACS355-03E-04A1-4+B063 3AUA0000058160
  • ACS355-03E-04A1-4+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157210
  • ACS355-03E-04A7-2 3AUA0000058173
  • ACS355-03E-04A7-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157178
  • ACS355-03E-04A7-2+B063 3AUA0000058150
  • ACS355-03E-04A7-2+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157201
  • ACS355-03E-05A6-4 3AUA0000058187
  • ACS355-03E-05A6-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157191
  • ACS355-03E-05A6-4+B063 3AUA0000058161
  • ACS355-03E-05A6-4+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157211
  • ACS355-03E-06A7-2 3AUA0000058174
  • ACS355-03E-06A7-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157179
  • ACS355-03E-06A7-2+B063 3AUA0000058151
  • ACS355-03E-06A7-2+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157202
  • ACS355-03E-07A3-4 3AUA0000058188
  • ACS355-03E-07A3-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157192
  • ACS355-03E-07A3-4+B063 3AUA0000058162
  • ACS355-03E-07A3-4+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157212
  • ACS355-03E-07A5-2 3AUA0000058175
  • ACS355-03E-07A5-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157180
  • ACS355-03E-07A5-2+B063 3AUA0000058152
  • ACS355-03E-07A5-2+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157203
  • ACS355-03E-08A8-4 3AUA0000058189
  • ACS355-03E-08A8-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157193
  • ACS355-03E-08A8-4+B063 3AUA0000058163
  • ACS355-03E-08A8-4+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157213
  • ACS355-03E-09A8-2 3AUA0000058176
  • ACS355-03E-09A8-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157181
  • ACS355-03E-09A8-2+B063 3AUA0000058153
  • ACS355-03E-09A8-2+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157204
  • ACS355-03E-12A5-4 3AUA0000058190
  • ACS355-03E-12A5-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157194
  • ACS355-03E-12A5-4+B063 3AUA0000058164
  • ACS355-03E-12A5-4+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157214
  • ACS355-03E-13A3-2 3AUA0000058177
  • ACS355-03E-13A3-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157182
  • ACS355-03E-13A3-2+B063 3AUA0000058154
  • ACS355-03E-13A3-2+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157205
  • ACS355-03E-15A6-4 3AUA0000058191
  • ACS355-03E-15A6-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157195
  • ACS355-03E-15A6-4+B063 3AUA0000058165
  • ACS355-03E-15A6-4+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157215
  • ACS355-03E-17A6-2 3AUA0000058178
  • ACS355-03E-17A6-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157183
  • ACS355-03E-17A6-2+B063 3AUA0000058155
  • ACS355-03E-17A6-2+B063 Solar Pump D 3AUA0000157206
  • ACS355-03E-23A1-4 3AUA0000058192
  • ACS355-03E-23A1-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157196
  • ACS355-03E-24A4-2 3AUA0000058179
  • ACS355-03E-24A4-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157184
  • ACS355-03E-31A0-2 3AUA0000058180
  • ACS355-03E-31A0-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157185
  • ACS355-03E-31A0-4 3AUA0000058193
  • ACS355-03E-31A0-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157197
  • ACS355-03E-38A0-4 3AUA0000058194
  • ACS355-03E-38A0-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157198
  • ACS355-03E-44A0-4 3AUA0000058195
  • ACS355-03E-44A0-4 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157199
  • ACS355-03E-46A2-2 3AUA0000058181
  • ACS355-03E-46A2-2 Solar Pump Drive 3AUA0000157186