ABB ACS355-01E machinery drive

Output Current2.4 A
Output Power0.37 kW0.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.7 kg

Frequency converters 4.7 A, 0.75 kW1.0 Hp, 1.8 kg

TypeSolar frequency converter
Weight1.8 kg
Output Current6.7 A
Output Power1.1 kW1.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.9 kg
TypeSolar frequency converter
Weight1.9 kg
Output Current7.5 A
Output Power1.5 kW2.0 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight2.2 kg

Frequency converter 2.2 kW3.0 Hp, 9.8 A, 2.4 kg

TypeSolar frequency converter
Weight2.4 kg

ACS355-01E frequency converters are destined to control asynchronous electric motors with different types of load on the electric motor shaft. Also they can control high-torque EM with permanent magnets which are set on the rotor of motor.

ABB ACS355-01E has vector control without sensor feedback for speed (encoders). The main characteristics of this model includes 1-phase, range of output current from 2,2 to 9,8A, and range of output power from 0,37 to 1,5kW. The maximum output frequency is 600 Hz.

ABB ACS355-01E replaced the old model of ABB drives – ABB ACS350-01E.

The frequency inverters have quite wide facilities therefore they can be installed in quite rough conditions. These drives are more frequently used in the housings systems and in the industrial water systems. At the use of frequency converters water pressure can be regulated to the necessary level according to the technical requirements.

ACS355 drives are used in passenger carriages mainly for  conditioning and ventilation. They also perform the function of voltage stabilization.
Drives of this line have built-in EMS filter and PID regulator. Due to this frequency inverters can simplify the control system without using other external regulators.

ACS355-01E has three modes of control: scalar, vector mode without encoder and vector mode with encoder.

One of main advantages of this type of drives is minimum weight. It enables to simplify their installation, transportation or maintenance. Such weight is much comfortable for the basic task of these frequency transformers – to control simple household systems. Due to them work of the system will be constant and throws starting currents will be extracted. This is achieved by limiting the frequency Converter nominal current limits.

ACS355-01E drives prolong the service term of pumping systems and pumps due to nominal speed of rotation. They will not let your system to get a hydraulic punch during a start or stop.

PID regulator of every converter takes the analog signals from the sensors who run them and maintain a constant technological parameter.