ABB ACS550-02 standard drive

Output Current289 A
Nominal Output Power160 kW200 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight124.000 kg
Output Current368 A
Nominal Output Power200 kW300 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight234 kg
Output Current486 A
Nominal Output Power250 kW400 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight237 kg
Output Current526 A
Nominal Output Power280 kW450 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight248 kg
Output Current602 A
Nominal Output Power315 kW500 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight250 kg
Output Current645 A
Nominal Output Power355 kW600 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight249 kg

ABB frequency converters ACS550 series is well known line of standard general purpose drives. Wide range of powers from 0,75 to 355 kW allows to satisfy completely different requirements to control the speed and torque of induction motors. These drives are characterized by many built-in features in standard execution.

ACS550-02 are low voltage free-standing drives for general purpose. They are used for smooth speed control of asynchronous and synchronous motors and are able to convert AC frequency to DC with the necessary frequency and amplitude. The main tasks that frequency converters implement for motors consist not only in energy savings but also in increasing the service life of the equipment. Advantage of choice of ACS550-02 drive series is high precision in motor control.
ACS550-02 is made with the latest achievements in converter technology and digital microprocessor control based on modern technology with advanced quality control system.

ABB ACS550 02 allows optimizing the performance of mechanisms in different modes of operation and providing such features as: soft start of the actuator, stepless speed regulation, work of mechanism with any required speed, noncontact revers and high energy performance.
ABB drives are created for the harmonious solution of problems of motor control and equipment in the modern industrial systems, and due to a high power-factor, actuator does not require the use of devices of reactive power compensation.

ACS550-02 drives are hi-tech devices with the developed user interface, with the devices of programming of drive parameters, built-in energy efficiency counters, built-in Modbus communication protocol and with other functional possibilities.

ACS550-02-196A-4 64727001
ACS550-02-196A-4_645A-4 5FSE704893-39
ACS550-02-196A-4_645A-4 ACS550-02V2
ACS550-02-196A-4_645A-4 ACS550-02V3
ACS550-02-245A-4 64727010
ACS550-02-289A-4 64727028
ACS550-02-368A-4 64727044
ACS550-02-486A-4 64727061
ACS550-02-526A-4 64727079
ACS550-02-602A-4 64727087
ACS550-02-645A-4 64727095