ABB ACS580-04 universal drive

  • ACS580-04-505A-4 Nominal Power:250kW, Nominal Current:505A
  • ACS580-04-585A-4 Nominal Power:315kW, Nominal Current:585A
  • ACS580-04-650A-4 Nominal Power:355kW, Nominal Current:650A
  • ACS580-04-725A-4 Nominal Power:400kW, Nominal Current:725A
  • ACS580-04-820A-4 Nominal Power:450kW, Nominal Current:820A
  • ACS580-04-880A-4 Nominal Power:500kW, Nominal Current:880A

ABB ACS580 frequency converters are part of new general purpose family of drives that have equal architecture, interface of user and common options.
ACS580-04 is line of compact wall-mounted drive modules of general purpose with rated nominal power 250-500 kW.

Most necessary options are inbuilt in ACS580-04 drive by default, which greatly optimizes the process of selecting a drive to the manufacturing process. The broad number of outer options allows cheaply extend the functional of drive. Unsophisticated control panel and software simplify the procedure of start and commissioning.

All of ACS580-01 drives have energy efficiency features that can greatly optimize energy use. They also have robust enclosure with protection class IP00.

ACS580-04 Types: