ABB ACS580-07 universal drive

  • ACS580-07-0145A-4 PN:kW, IN:A
  • ACS580-07-0169A-4 PN:kW, IN:A
  • ACS580-07-0206A-4 PN:kW, IN:A
  • ACS580-07-0246A-4 PN:kW, IN:A
  • ACS580-07-0363A-4 PN:kW, IN:A
  • ACS580-07-0640A-4

ABB Universal Drive

  • ACS580-07-0870A-4
  • ACS580-07-0880A-4 PN:kW, IN:A

The series of ACS580 frequency drives are intended for control of electrically-driven mechanisms in different domains of industries and does not require considerable efforts at adjustment and start in exploitation.

ACS580-07 is related to cabinet build drives of general purpose with spectrum of nominal power 250-500 kW and standard class of protection IP42. They have a lot of embedded functions that enhance productivity and efficiency of exploitation.

ACS580 07 ideally befit for using in the different systems and mechanisms with the permanent or variable moment of loading, such as fans, pumps, compressors, elevators, mixers, conveyers, packing-packing equipment and others.

ACS580-07 Types: