ABB ACS880-01 Wall-mounted Single Drives

Output Current21 A
Nominal Output Power11 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current27 A
Nominal Output Power15 kW
TypeFrequency Converter

Frequency Converter ACS880 series, single drive, IP21; 3 phase, 11 kW.

The ABB ACS880-01-02A1-5 Frequency Converter 2.1 A, 0.75 kW, 380 … 500 V

Nominal Output Power1.1 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current3.4 A
Nominal Output Power1.5 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current4.8 A
Nominal Output Power2.2 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current180 A
Nominal Output Power110 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current206 A
Nominal Output Power110 kW
TypeFrequency Converter

Frequency converter

Output Current430 A
Nominal Output Power250 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
  • Power (kW): 7.5
  • Rated current, A: 17
  • Supply voltage, V: 380-415
  • ACS880-01-027A-7 PN:kW, IN:A
  • 30 kW
  • 35 A
  • 50 / 60 Hz
Output Current38 A
Nominal Output Power18.5 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current45 A
Nominal Output Power22 kW
TypeFrequency Converter

Frequency Converter

Frequency converter

Output Current87 A
Nominal Output Power22 kW
TypeFrequency Converter

ACS880-01-096A-5+D150+E202 Pcont.max:55kW, Icont.max:91A

ACS880-01-096A-5+E200 Pcont.max:55kW, Icont.max:91A

Frequency converter

Output Current142 A
Nominal Output Power132 kW
TypeFrequency Converter

ACS880-01-156A-5+D150+E202 Pcont.max:90kW, Icont.max:148A

ACS880-01-169A-3 Pcont.max:90kW, Icont.max:161A

Frequency Converter ACS880-01-293A-3 with 160 kW, 293 A, 50/60 Hz

ACS880-01-293A-3 Pcont.max:160kW, Icont.max:278A

Frequency converter

Output Current40 A
Nominal Output Power22 kW
TypeFrequency Converter

Wall-mounted single drive ACS880-01

The ACS880-01 is a single-drive wall-mounted unit that is designed for use in a variety of industrial applications. This drive is equipped with a range of features that make it ideal for controlling the speed and torque of electric motors.

One of the key features of ABB ACS880 is its ability to handle high current loads. This drive is rated for up to 1,250 amps, making it suitable for parallel use with large or multiple motors. Additionally, converter is designed to handle high-voltage inputs, with a maximum voltage rating of 690V.

Another important feature is the ability to provide precise control over the speed and torque of electric motors. This drive is equipped with advanced control algorithms that allow it to quickly and accurately adjust the speed and torque of an engine in response to changes in the load or other operating conditions. This makes the ABB 880-01 well-suited for use in applications where precise control is critical, such as manufacturing or process control.

In addition to its advanced control capabilities, frequency converter also offers several other features that make it well-suited for industrial applications. For example, this drive is built to withstand harsh operating conditions, with a rugged and compact design that is resistant to vibration and shock.

Additionally, the ACS880-01 is equipped with various communication interfaces, including Ethernet and Modbus, which allow it to be easily integrated into a wide range of control systems.

Overall, ACS880 01 is a powerful and versatile wall-mounted single drive that is ideal for use in various industrial applications. With its high current and voltage ratings, advanced control capabilities, and rugged design, this drive is well-suited for use in demanding environments where precise control and reliability are critical.

How to select ACS880-01 drive

When selecting a drive for your application, it is important to consider your system's specific needs and requirements. The ACS880-01 industry, manufactured by ABB, is a versatile, high-performance option that can be used in various industrial and commercial applications. However, to ensure that you select the right drive for your system, there are a few key factors to consider.

  1. Power rating. The first and most important factor to consider is the power rating of the drive. The ACS880-01 is available in a range of power ratings, so selecting an appropriate movement for your application is important. The power rating will determine the maximum power the drive can handle, so it is important to choose an industry that can handle the power requirements of your system.
  2. Voltage. ABB ACS 880-01 is available in various voltage options, so selecting a drive compatible with your system's voltage requirements is important.
  3. Control options. There are different control options, such as basic control, fieldbus control, and advanced control. It is important to select the control option that best suits the needs of your application.
  4. Compatibility. Ensure your select drive is compatible with your system's existing components and equipment.
  5. Environmental factors. Consider the environment in which the drive will be installed and select an industry rated for the specific environmental conditions.
  6. Serviceability: Check that the drive you select is easy to service and has good after-sales support

When selecting a drive, it is important to work with a reputable supplier or manufacturer who can provide expert advice and support to ensure that you choose the right industry for your application. By considering these factors, you can select a drive that will provide reliable and efficient operation for your system.

ACS880-01 hardware manual - ABB

The hardware manual is a comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and maintaining the ACS880-01 wall-mounted single drive. The manual provides detailed instructions and diagrams for every aspect of the industry, from connecting the power and control cables to configuring the various settings and parameters.

The manual introduces the drive and its various components, including the power section, control section, and communication interfaces. It then provides detailed instructions for installing the drive, including information on connecting the power and control cables, mounting the drive to the wall, and configuring the various settings and parameters.

One of the key sections of the manual is the section on the drive's advanced control capabilities. This section provides detailed information on configuring the drive's control algorithms, including setting the speed and torque control parameters, adjusting the current and voltage limits, and configuring the drive's protection functions.

The manual also includes a section on the drive's communication interfaces, which provides information on connecting the drive to various control systems and networks, including Ethernet and Modbus. This section also includes information on configuring the drive's communication settings, such as the baud rate and network address.

Finally, the manual includes a section on maintenance and troubleshooting, which provides information on how to diagnose and resolve common problems that may arise with the drive. This section includes information on how to troubleshoot issues with the power section, control section, and communication interfaces, as well as how to perform routine maintenance on the drive.

Overall, the ACS880-01 hardware manual is essential for anyone who needs to install, configure, or maintain the ACS880-01 wall-mounted single drive. The manual provides detailed instructions and diagrams for every aspect of the purpose, making it easy for users to get the most out of this powerful and versatile industrial control unit.

Installing ACS880-01

Installing the ACS880-01 drive from ABB can be a straightforward process, but it is important to follow the correct steps to ensure proper operation and avoid potential safety hazards.

Before installing the drive, it is important to read and understand the user manual and other relevant documentation. This will ensure you have the necessary knowledge and tools to install and commission the drive properly.

  1. The first step in installing the ACS880-01 drive is properly mounting it in its intended location. This typically involves bolting the purpose to a solid surface using the mounting brackets provided. It is important to ensure that the industry is level and that the mounting surface can support the weight of the drive.
  2. Next, connect the power cables to the drive. Make sure to use the appropriate cables and connectors for your application and follow any specific wiring instructions in the user manual.
  3. Once the power cables are connected, it is time to connect the control and communication cables. These cables will typically join the drive to a control system, such as a PLC or a computer. They will allow the industry to receive control signals and provide status information.
  4. After the cables are connected, the drive can be powered on, and the initial commissioning process can begin. This typically involves configuring the drive parameters and performing a series of tests to ensure that the drive operates properly.
  5. It is important to follow the commissioning instructions provided in the user manual and perform any additional tests that may be required for your specific application.
  6. Finally, check all the connections and configuration settings before putting the drive into operation. This will help to ensure that the industry is installed and configured correctly and can help to prevent any issues during the process.

Installing the ABB ACS880-01 requires some technical knowledge and experience. Still, by following the instructions in the user manual and taking the necessary precautions, the process can be completed safely and efficiently.

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  • ACS880-01- 115A-2 _ -01-119A-7 PM3Y881R6IP21
  • ACS880-01-010A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035925
  • ACS880-01-013A-4 3AXD50000035901
  • ACS880-01-014A-5 3AUA0000090434
  • ACS880-01-017A-3 3AUA0000107991
  • ACS880-01-018A-7 3AUA0000115086
  • ACS880-01-019A-4 3AXD50000035902
  • ACS880-01-021A-5 3AUA0000090435
  • ACS880-01-022A-7 3AUA0000115097
  • ACS880-01-025A-3
  • ACS880-01-025A-3 3AUA0000107992
  • ACS880-01-026A-4 3AXD50000035903
  • ACS880-01-026A-7 3AUA0000115100
  • ACS880-01-027A-5 3AUA0000090436
  • ACS880-01-027A-5 69064728
  • ACS880-01-02A0-4 3AXD50000035834
  • ACS880-01-02A1-5 3AUA0000082132
  • ACS880-01-02A4-3 3AUA0000107974
  • ACS880-01-02A8-4 3AXD50000035835
  • ACS880-01-031A-2 3AUA0000123756
  • ACS880-01-031A-2_-01-034A-5 PM6Y881R3FAN
  • ACS880-01-032A-3 3AUA0000107993
  • ACS880-01-032A-4 3AXD50000035904
  • ACS880-01-034A-5 3AUA0000090437
  • ACS880-01-035A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035918
  • ACS880-01-035A-7 3AUA0000115101
  • ACS880-01-038A-3 3AUA0000108019
  • ACS880-01-038A-4 3AXD50000035905
  • ACS880-01-03A0-3+N7502 3AXD50000035910
  • ACS880-01-03A0-5 3AUA0000090428
  • ACS880-01-03A2-4 3AXD50000035836
  • ACS880-01-03A3-3 3AUA0000107975
  • ACS880-01-03A4-5 3AUA0000090429
  • ACS880-01-03A9-3+N7502 3AXD50000035911
  • ACS880-01-040A-5 3AUA0000090438
  • ACS880-01-042A-7 3AUA0000115102
  • ACS880-01-043A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035919
  • ACS880-01-045A-3 3AUA0000108020
  • ACS880-01-046A-2 3AUA0000137237
  • ACS880-01-046A-2_-01-052A-5 PM6Y881R4FAN
  • ACS880-01-049A-4 3AXD50000035906
  • ACS880-01-049A-7 3AUA0000115103
  • ACS880-01-04A0-3 3AUA0000107976
  • ACS880-01-04A6-2 3AUA0000123720
  • ACS880-01-04A6-2_-01-081A-7 PM3Y881R1R6IP55
  • ACS880-01-04A6-4 3AXD50000035837
  • ACS880-01-04A8-5 3AUA0000090430
  • ACS880-01-04A9-4 3AXD50000035838
  • ACS880-01-050A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035920
  • ACS880-01-052A-5 3AUA0000090439
  • ACS880-01-05A2-5 3AUA0000090431
  • ACS880-01-05A6-3 3AUA0000107987
  • ACS880-01-05A8-3+N7502 3AXD50000035912
  • ACS880-01-060A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035932
  • ACS880-01-061A-2 3AUA0000137238
  • ACS880-01-061A-3 3AUA0000108021
  • ACS880-01-061A-7 3AUA0000115104
  • ACS880-01-061A-7_-01-084A-7 PM12Y881R67
  • ACS880-01-062A-4 3AXD50000035907
  • ACS880-01-065A-5 3AUA0000082214
  • ACS880-01-069A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035921
  • ACS880-01-06A6-2 3AUA0000123907
  • ACS880-01-071A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035933
  • ACS880-01-072A-3 3AUA0000108022
  • ACS880-01-072A-5 3AUA0000074593
  • ACS880-01-073A-4 3AXD50000035908
  • ACS880-01-075A-2 3AUA0000137239
  • ACS880-01-075A-2_-01-049A-7 PM6Y881R5FAN
  • ACS880-01-077A-5 3AUA0000090440
  • ACS880-01-07A2-3 3AUA0000107988
  • ACS880-01-07A2-4 3AXD50000035839
  • ACS880-01-07A3-7 3AUA0000115083
  • ACS880-01-07A3-7 3AUA0000156958
  • ACS880-01-07A5-2 3AUA0000123919
  • ACS880-01-07A5-3+N7502 3AXD50000035913
  • ACS880-01-07A6-5 3AUA0000090432
  • ACS880-01-084A-7 3AUA0000115105
  • ACS880-01-085A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035922
  • ACS880-01-087A-2 3AUA0000137240
  • ACS880-01-087A-3 3AUA0000108023
  • ACS880-01-091A-4 3AXD50000035909
  • ACS880-01-096A-5 3AUA0000090441
  • ACS880-01-098A-7 3AUA0000115106
  • ACS880-01-098A-7_-01-119A-7 PM12Y881R77
  • ACS880-01-09A4-3 3AUA0000107989
  • ACS880-01-09A8-3+N7502 3AXD50000035914
  • ACS880-01-09A8-7 3AUA0000115084
  • ACS880-01-100A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035940
  • ACS880-01-103A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035923
  • ACS880-01-105A-3 3AUA0000108025
  • ACS880-01-10A4-4 3AXD50000035840
  • ACS880-01-10A6-2 3AUA0000123754
  • ACS880-01-10A6-2_-01-11A0-5 PM6Y881R1FAN
  • ACS880-01-115A-2 3AUA0000137241
  • ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-084A-7 PM9Y881R6
  • ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-119A-7 PM6Y881R6R7FAN
  • ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-124A-5 PM12Y881R635
  • ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-124A-5 PM12Y881R635O
  • ACS880-01-115A-2_-01-145A-2 PM12Y881R62
  • ACS880-01-117A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035941
  • ACS880-01-118A-4 3AXD50000035946
  • ACS880-01-119A-7 3AUA0000115107
  • ACS880-01-11A0-5 3AUA0000090433
  • ACS880-01-123A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035924
  • ACS880-01-124A-5 3AUA0000090442
  • ACS880-01-12A6-3 3AUA0000107990
  • ACS880-01-142A-7 3AUA0000115108
  • ACS880-01-142A-7_-01-174A-7 PM12Y881R87
  • ACS880-01-143A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035942
  • ACS880-01-145A-2 3AUA0000137242
  • ACS880-01-145A-3 3AUA0000108026
  • ACS880-01-148A-4 3AXD50000035947
  • ACS880-01-14A2-7 3AUA0000115085
  • ACS880-01-14A3-3+N7502 3AXD50000035915
  • ACS880-01-14A5-7+N7502 3AXD50000035926
  • ACS880-01-156A-5 3AUA0000090443
  • ACS880-01-168A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035943
  • ACS880-01-169A-3 3AUA0000108027
  • ACS880-01-16A8-2 3AUA0000123920
  • ACS880-01-16A8-2_-01-021A-5 PM6Y881R2FAN
  • ACS880-01-170A-2 3AUA0000137253
  • ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-119A-7 PM3Y881R7IP55
  • ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-119A-7 PM9Y881R7
  • ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-180A-5 PM12Y881R735
  • ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-180A-5 PM12Y881R735O
  • ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-206A-2 PM12Y881R72
  • ACS880-01-170A-2_-01-271A-7 PM3Y881R7R9IP21
  • ACS880-01-171A-4 3AXD50000035948
  • ACS880-01-173A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035934
  • ACS880-01-174A-7 3AUA0000115109
  • ACS880-01-17A7-3+N7502 3AXD50000035916
  • ACS880-01-180A-5 3AUA0000090444
  • ACS880-01-202A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035935
  • ACS880-01-206A-2 3AUA0000137254
  • ACS880-01-206A-3 3AUA0000108028
  • ACS880-01-20A2-7+N7502 3AXD50000035927
  • ACS880-01-210A-7 3AUA0000115110
  • ACS880-01-210A-7_-01-271A-7 PM12Y881R97
  • ACS880-01-228A-4 3AXD50000035949
  • ACS880-01-240A-5 3AUA0000090445
  • ACS880-01-245A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035936
  • ACS880-01-246A-3 3AUA0000108031
  • ACS880-01-246A-3_-01-174A-7 PM6Y881R8FAN
  • ACS880-01-246A-3_-01-260A-5 PM12Y881R835
  • ACS880-01-247A-4 3AXD50000035950
  • ACS880-01-248A-7+N7502 3AXD50000035945
  • ACS880-01-24A3-2 3AUA0000123755
  • ACS880-01-24A8-7+N7502 3AXD50000035928
  • ACS880-01-25A5-3+N7502 3AXD50000035917
  • ACS880-01-260A-5 3AUA0000090446
  • ACS880-01-271A-7 3AUA0000115111
  • ACS880-01-274A-2 3AUA0000137255
  • ACS880-01-274A-2 PM12Y881R82
  • ACS880-01-274A-2_-01-174A-7 PM9Y881R8
  • ACS880-01-274A-2_-01-260A-5 PM12Y881R835O
  • ACS880-01-274A-2_-01-271A-7 PM3Y881R8R9IP55
  • ACS880-01-290A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035937
  • ACS880-01-293A-3 3AUA0000108034
  • ACS880-01-29A0-7+N7502 3AXD50000035929
  • ACS880-01-302A-5 3AUA0000098752
  • ACS880-01-315A-3 3AUA0000108036
  • ACS880-01-343A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035938
  • ACS880-01-343A-4 3AXD50000035951
  • ACS880-01-361A-5 3AUA0000082215
  • ACS880-01-363A-3 3AUA0000108037
  • ACS880-01-363A-3_-01-271A-7 PM6Y881R9FAN
  • ACS880-01-363A-3_-01-271A-7 PM9Y881R9
  • ACS880-01-363A-3_-01-414A-5 PM12Y881R935
  • ACS880-01-363A-3_-01-414A-5 PM12Y881R935O
  • ACS880-01-393A-4 3AXD50000035952
  • ACS880-01-39A9-7+N7502 3AXD50000035930
  • ACS880-01-414A-5 3AUA0000090447
  • ACS880-01-414A-5+E200+K458+N2005 3AUA0000186435
  • ACS880-01-414A-5+E200+K458+N2009 3AXD50000035772
  • ACS880-01-414A-5+E201+K458+N2005 3AUA0000186434
  • ACS880-01-414A-5+E202+K458+N2005 3AUA0000183335
  • ACS880-01-414A-5+E202+K458+N2005 3AUA0000186436
  • ACS880-01-414A-5+E202+K458+N2009+ 3AXD50000036208
  • ACS880-01-427A-3+N7502 3AXD50000035939
  • ACS880-01-430A-3 3AUA0000108038
  • ACS880-01-47A5-7+N7502 3AXD50000035931
  • ACS880-01-503A-5+0B051+0H371+E208 3AUA0000186053