ABB ACS880-07 single drives

Output Current206 A
Nominal Output Power110 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
TypeFrequency Converter
Weight1 kg
TypeFrequency Converter
Weight1 kg

Operational characteristics: Nominal Output Power 200 kW, Output Current 363 A, Voltage 400 V, Protection IP22, Weight 1 kg. 

TypeFrequency Converter
Weight1 kg

Frequency Converter

Operational characteristics: Nominal Output Power 250 kW, Output Current 505 A, Nomimal Input Voltage 380-415 V, Protection IP22, Weight 1 kg. 

Output Current585 A
Nominal Output Power315 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current1480 A
Nominal Output Power800 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current2600 A
Nominal Output Power2500 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current271 A
Nominal Output Power250 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
  • ACS880-07 Standard, nxR8i
Output Current61 A
Nominal Output Power55 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current84 A
Nominal Output Power75 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current96 A
Nominal Output Power55 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current98 A
Nominal Output Power90 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current105 A
Nominal Output Power55 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current119 A
Nominal Output Power110 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current124 A
Nominal Output Power75 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current142 A
Nominal Output Power132 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current145 A
Nominal Output Power75 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current156 A
Nominal Output Power90 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current169 A
Nominal Output Power90 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current174 A
Nominal Output Power160 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current180 A
Nominal Output Power110 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
Output Current210 A
Nominal Output Power200 kW
TypeFrequency Converter

The ABB ACS880 07 is a single cabinet-built drives. The power range of this common built drives is from 45 to 2800 kW.  One of their virtues is compact size, that allows to decrease space and time at the mounting.

There are a lot of additional options and features that are built-in such as EMC filter, choke, brake chopper and others. Direct torque control ensures excellent control of different types of AC motors ( also synchronous reluctance motors and permanent magnet motors).
The ABB ACS880 07 has extensive range of connectivity allows to different applications.

Standard enclosure classes are IP 42, IP 22 and IP 54.

Benefits of ACS880-07 drives:
- DTC (Direct Torque Control) in standard kitting;
- STO option (safe torque off);
- Intuitive control panel (has USB port);
- build-in inverter;
- build-in EMC filter;
- harmonic filtering inside (AC choke);
- support of large spectrum of fieldbus protocols;
- large possibilities of input-output and encoder options.

  • ACS880-07- 115A-2 _ -01-119A-7 PM3Y887R6IP21
  • ACS880-07-0061A-7 3AUA0000138155
  • ACS880-07-0084A-7 3AUA0000138156
  • ACS880-07-0096A-5 3AUA0000123707
  • ACS880-07-0098A-7 3AUA0000138157
  • ACS880-07-0105A-3 3AUA0000120564
  • ACS880-07-0119A-7 3AUA0000138159
  • ACS880-07-0124A-5 3AUA0000123711
  • ACS880-07-0142A-7 3AUA0000138172
  • ACS880-07-0145A-3 3AUA0000120565
  • ACS880-07-0156A-5 3AUA0000123712
  • ACS880-07-0169A-3 3AUA0000120587
  • ACS880-07-0174A-7 3AUA0000138173
  • ACS880-07-0180A-5 3AUA0000123713
  • ACS880-07-0206A-3 3AUA0000120588
  • ACS880-07-0210A-7 3AUA0000138174
  • ACS880-07-0240A-5 3AUA0000123714
  • ACS880-07-0246A-3 3AUA0000120589
  • ACS880-07-0260A-5 3AUA0000123715
  • ACS880-07-0271A-7 3AUA0000138175
  • ACS880-07-0293A-3 3AUA0000120590
  • ACS880-07-0330A-7 3AUA0000154953
  • ACS880-07-0361A-5 3AUA0000123716
  • ACS880-07-0363A-3 3AUA0000120591
  • ACS880-07-0370A-7 3AUA0000154954
  • ACS880-07-0414A-5 3AUA0000123727
  • ACS880-07-0430A-3 3AUA0000120592
  • ACS880-07-0430A-7 3AUA0000169962
  • ACS880-07-0460A-5 3AUA0000138149
  • ACS880-07-0470A-7 3AUA0000154956
  • ACS880-07-04A6-2_-01-081A-7 PM3Y887R6IP55
  • ACS880-07-0503A-5 3AUA0000138150
  • ACS880-07-0505A-3 3AUA0000138143
  • ACS880-07-0522A-7 3AUA0000154957
  • ACS880-07-0583A-5 3AUA0000138151
  • ACS880-07-0585A-3 3AUA0000138144
  • ACS880-07-0590A-7 3AUA0000154958
  • ACS880-07-0635A-5 3AUA0000138152
  • ACS880-07-0650A-3 3AUA0000138145
  • ACS880-07-0650A-7 3AUA0000154959
  • ACS880-07-0715A-5 3AUA0000138153
  • ACS880-07-0721A-7 3AUA0000169963
  • ACS880-07-0725A-3 3AUA0000138146
  • ACS880-07-0800A-7 3AUA0000142719
  • ACS880-07-0800A-7+A004 3AUA0000142718
  • ACS880-07-0820A-3 3AUA0000138147
  • ACS880-07-0820A-5 3AUA0000138154
  • ACS880-07-0880A-3 3AUA0000138148
  • ACS880-07-0880A-5 3AUA0000169964
  • ACS880-07-0900A-7 3AUA0000170005
  • ACS880-07-0950A-7+A004 3AUA0000169996
  • ACS880-07-0990A-3+A004 3AUA0000142672
  • ACS880-07-0990A-5+A004 3AUA0000142692
  • ACS880-07-1070A-5 3AUA0000142694
  • ACS880-07-1140A-3 3AUA0000142677
  • ACS880-07-1140A-3+A004 3AUA0000169969
  • ACS880-07-115A-2_-01-119A-7 PM6Y887R6R7FAN
  • ACS880-07-1160A-7 3AUA0000142720
  • ACS880-07-1160A-7+A004 3AUA0000142721
  • ACS880-07-1250A-3 3AUA0000169967
  • ACS880-07-1250A-3+A004 3AUA0000169971
  • ACS880-07-1320A-5 3AUA0000142706
  • ACS880-07-1320A-5+A004 3AUA0000142707
  • ACS880-07-1450A-5 3AUA0000169974
  • ACS880-07-1450A-5+A004 3AUA0000169979
  • ACS880-07-1450A-7 3AUA0000170006
  • ACS880-07-1450A-7+A004 3AUA0000169997
  • ACS880-07-1480A-3 3AUA0000142679
  • ACS880-07-1480A-3+A004 3AUA0000142685
  • ACS880-07-1580A-5 3AUA0000142708
  • ACS880-07-1580A-5+A004 3AUA0000142709
  • ACS880-07-1650A-7 3AUA0000142722
  • ACS880-07-1650A-7+A004 3AUA0000142723
  • ACS880-07-170A-2_-01-119A-7 PM3Y887R7IP55
  • ACS880-07-170A-2_-01-271A-7 PM3Y887R7R9IP21
  • ACS880-07-1760A-3 3AUA0000142686
  • ACS880-07-1760A-3+A004 3AUA0000142687
  • ACS880-07-1800A-5 3AUA0000169977
  • ACS880-07-1800A-5+A004 3AUA0000170003
  • ACS880-07-1950A-7 3AUA0000169994
  • ACS880-07-1950A-7+A004 3AUA0000169998
  • ACS880-07-1980A-5 3AUA0000142710
  • ACS880-07-1980A-5+A004 3AUA0000142711
  • ACS880-07-2210A-3 3AUA0000169968
  • ACS880-07-2210A-3+A004 3AUA0000169972
  • ACS880-07-2300A-7 3AUA0000142724
  • ACS880-07-2300A-7+A004 3AUA0000142726
  • ACS880-07-246A-3_-01-174A-7 PM6Y887R8FAN
  • ACS880-07-2600A-7 3AUA0000169995
  • ACS880-07-2600A-7+A004 3AUA0000169999
  • ACS880-07-2610A-3 3AUA0000142689
  • ACS880-07-2610A-3+A004 3AUA0000142690
  • ACS880-07-274A-2_-01-271A-7 PM3Y887R8R9IP55
  • ACS880-07-2860A-7 3AUA0000142727
  • ACS880-07-2860A-7+A004 3AUA0000142728
  • ACS880-07-363A-3_-01-271A-7 PM6Y887R9FAN
  • ACS880-07-505A-3 -650A-7 PM6Y887R10R11

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