ABB VFD Inverter Drives

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Output Current12.5 A
Output Power5.5 kW7.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight13.7 kg


40/085/56  4700 μF  -10 n +30%  400VDC

EL. CAP. ALS30C1023NP 64624920


40/085/56  3300 μF  -10 n +30%  400VDC


CDP 312R Control panel for ACS800


230VAC,  345W, 50 Hz, 0,88 A, 2050 rpm


Weight0.1 kg
TypeFAN-120 CFM, 92MM 24V
Weight0.2 kg
Weight0.4 kg
Weight1.14 kg

ABB Renewal Part

Weight0.4 kg




Air filter, G1/4 in.

ACS600 MD SupplySect_THYR.MOD. KIT 330 5STP 3322L0001 MD KIT

ABB MAIN CIRC. INTERF AINT-14C for wark with ACS800 drive modules.

Weight0.1 kg
TypeBraking resistor
  • 24 V
  • 19 W
  • 24VDC
  • 19W 
  • IP20
  • ACH550 ACH550-01-015A-4+B055 Pn 7,5kW, I2n 15A IP54
  • ACH580-01-018A-4 Pn 7,5 kW, I2n 17 A, Protection class IP55, EMC class C2
  • ACH580-01-026A-4 Pn 11 kW, I2n 25 A, Protection class IP55, EMC class C2
  • ACH580-01-033A-4 Pn 15 kW, I2n 32 A, Protection class IP55, EMC class C2
  • ACH580-01-039A-4 Pn 18,5 kW, I2n 38 A, Protection class IP55, EMC class C2
  • ACH580-01-046A-4 Pn 22 kW, I2n 45 A, Protection class IP55, EMC class C2
  • ACH580-01-07A3-4 Pn 3 kW, I2n 7,2 A, Protection class IP55, EMC class C2
  • ACH580-01-09A5-4 Pn 4 kW, I2n 9,4 A, Protection class IP55, EMC class C2

ABB Drives

ABB is one of the World’ leading electrical equipment engineering and manufacturing companies. The low voltage AC drives are among the many great ABB products. It’s one of the main company's hits and achievements, in terms of quality, advanced technology, and compliance to requirements of a wide array of industries.

What is an ABB drive?

Frequency converters are devices that adjust an electric engine rotation speed when necessary. It may apply for example in downtime hours when there’s no need to run an engine in full gear or power. This allows reducing overall electricity consumption.

ABB drives are engineered, designed, and manufactured based on the latest cutting-edge technological achievements in the field of converting equipment. The newest technical ideas and developments were taken into account.

Besides reducing energy consumption issues, ABB frequency converters give the opportunity to address and solve significant cases in industrial automation and technical process control.

Due to remarkable amounts of power saved as well as major cuts in production waste, the payback period for these devices is sparkly short. These reliable ABB products will help you to minimize downtime and increase production volumes. The processing speed is ensured by complying with even the most strict and demanding technological specs. It was made possible given the wide diversity of software applications available to use in ABB drive operation and management. Advanced controlling features embedded in devices’ design provide accuracy of operation and agile performance facing even the most abrupt changes in the operating environment. ABB drives are supplied in a standard kit or maybe special order manufactured to specific requirements.

There are two groups of low voltage ABB drives - standard and ACS/ACQ industrial drives.

  1. Standard drives are widely used in utilities and other general industrial applications. These models have power capacities from 0.18 to 355kV and voltage from 208 to 480 V
  2. ACS and ACQ drives are used in special industrial applications, for example, pumps, conveyors, water treatment where asynchronous engines are involved.

ABB frequency converters product line offer you impeccable advantages such as

  • extensive constellations of drives
  • cutting edge technology user-friendly interfaces
  • adaptive programming features
  • state of the art operation software.

What does ABB VFD stand for?

ABB VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive. This is an electric engine controller which has the ability to modify the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor.

AC Frequency (measured in Hz) directly influences the engine’s speed (measured in RPMs). Here, the higher the frequency, the faster the motor may go, increasing the RPM value.

If operating conditions change to the way an electric engine does not need to be run at full capacity during a certain period of time, the VFD is used to ramp down the frequency and voltage during that time period to ease the load. As the motor operating speed and load requirements change during industrial application use, the VFD can easily turn up or down the motor speed accordingly.

How do I choose an ABB drive?

First of all, select your industry. ABB provides outstanding drive solutions to use in Buildings and Infrastructure, Cement, Chemical, Oil, and Gas industries; in Food and Beverages, Marine, Metals, Mining, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Rubber and Plastics, Water and Wastewater industries.
Second, consider the operating conditions - regular or heavy-duty, normal or aggressive harsh environments.

Buildings and infrastructure

Fans, pumps, heating and cooling equipment are widely used in building and grounds, infrastructure maintenance. The use of ABB drives can help to reduce energy bills and prevent your equipment from excessive tear and wear.

  • ACS880 industrial drives for pump control
  • ACH580 variable speed drives for heating and cooling equipment.


Using variable speed control drives will help to optimize energy consumption and excessive equipment depreciation.

  • ACS150 to use in conveyors and mixers
  • ACS310 for raw material pumping.

Chemical, Gas, and Oil

Cutting edge variable speed drives help to smooth Oil drilling and lifting processes in a more reliable and efficient way.

  • ACQ 580 Series
  • ACS 800 drives.

Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry has a wide array of electrically powered pumps, mixing, crushing, HVAC, and fan devices. Surely ABB has to offer the best drive solution to make the exact match for every use case.

ACS 350 - 01U drives

Machine building

ABB offers standard kits as well as custom special order-built solutions.

  • ACS 850 Series
  • ACS 1000-5000 Series.


ABB drives can handle all the special shipping industry needs, cases, and situations including use in several types of pumps, electric engines, onboard HVAC systems, and fans.

ACS 880 Series.


Metals production imposes special heavy-duty requirements. ABB offers several types of drives for rolling meals, furnace blowers, fans, and pumps.

  • ACS 850 machinery drives
  • ACS 6000 series
  • ACS 1000
  • ACS 2000.


Mining processes are demanding so ABB offers VSD capable of handling them most efficiently.

  • DCS 800 types
  • HES 880 mobile drive.

Power Generation

ABB drives help to increase power plant efficiency and reduce energy waste.

  • ACS 1000
  • ACS 800 drives
  • ACS 880 series.

Pulp and Paper

  • ACS 880
  • ACS 350 series.

Rubber and Plastics

ACS 880

Water and Wastewater

  • ACS 1000
  • ACS 5000.

Eltra trade offers the entire product line of ABB drives. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary assistance and supplemental materials helping to find the best ABB drive solution at a competitive price to perfectly fit your industry and application case. Contact us today!