• DSQC 1006 Devicenet connection Board

ABB Core Reactor

Teach Pendant device

  • DSQC 663 Electric Drive Unit
  • AL9-30-01 voltage - 24 V DC Contactor Block
  • CA5-10 Controller Contact Block (aux.)
  • A110-30-00 Rated Voltage 220-230V (frequency 50Hz)/230-240V (frequency 60 Hz) Contactor Block
  • A110-30-00 Rated Voltage 110-115V (frequency 50Hz)/115-127V (frequency 60 Hz) Contactor Block
  • Molded Circuit Breaker - S200 Series - 1 Pole - C - Current 2A
  • Molded Circuit Breaker - S200 Series - 1 Pole - C - Current 4A
  • Molded Circuit Breaker - S200 Series - 3 Pole - C - Current 10A
  • Conn. Kit
  • DSQC 62length - length - 3main computer board
  • DSQC 625 Computer controlleRS components: power supply
  • DSQC 627 controlleRS components: power supply
  • Harn.-Panel board/Protocol Protocol GTPU
  • Harn.-Con. panel 3-pos.
  • Harn.-Axis card/XS2
  • Harn.-Data T1-F1 Data,F2/controlleRS components: power supply
  • Harn.-DSQC 604/Panel board
  • Harn.-Drive u./Ext. axis u.
  • Serial measurement device
  • connector bridge type / panel board
  • Harn.-Ext. customer connection
  • Harn.-controlleRS components: power supply/voltage - 24 V Dist.
  • Harn.-standards XP0/Isolation breaker
  • Harn. axc/XS41
  • Lifteye
  • Chassis control, heat exchanger
  • Mount Protocol Protocol GTPU with Gasket

ABB corporation is one of the worldnown leading producers of industrial robots. They can help to enhance productive level and quality of manufacturer, and also to decline downtime. ABB company counts more than 300,000 installed robots.

Every industrial robot needs good robot controller.  Its primary assignment is motion control.  Another benefit is fast integration of extra hardware.  ABB proposes three types of them: IRC5, S4C and IRC5P.

The first one (IRC5) is 5th generation of this model of controllers.  They have improved properties of programming and compliance with external equipment. Also their features are convenient interface, modularity, flexibility, high speed,  QuickMove and TrueMove options. They have function of PC tool support  and multiple robots controlling.

Benefits of S4C model are easy interface, compact size, presences of keypad teach pendant and joystick, several levels of acceleration and etc. They can work both with complex and single robot systems.

Tendency to customization of ABB robot controllers is realized in basic of the system -  RobotWare. Thanks to it there are possibility of multitasking, quick information transmission and use of external systems.

IRC5 is fifth generation of programmable robot controllers of ABB. They correspond to all customer demands in accuracy, flexibility, high speed and compatibility. They have QuickMove and TrueMove options that help to substantially customize functions of IRC5. Interface of this model allows to control multiple robots.