ABB Low Voltage


S201-C6 1P - C - 6A


S201-C10 Miniature Circuit Breaker - 1P - C - 10 A


C - 16A - Poles: 1


Residual Current Circuit Breaker, 4-pole, instantaneous. 

ACS1000_CAPACITOR, DC 2*750UF, 2660V, FILM

Universal Motor Controller

Universal Motor Controller

    A95-30-22 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz Contactor

    A110-30-22 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz Contactor

    A210-30-22 220-230V 50Hz /230240V 60Hz Contactor

    2CSG524000R2021 is front-panel  unit for temperature control with 4 inputs and RS 485 at the best price.

    ABB power factor controller RVC series for control and monitoring of the cos φ.

    Four-pole circuit breaker 32A (15 kA, C)

    Temperature sensor TBX556

    Indoor supporting current transformer

    Pneumatic positioner V18345

    POWER SUPPLY 4 48...240 VDC


    Temp sensor 0-100°C ISO-R 1/2 by ABB.

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    Probe type 60 S length 3000 mm

    ABB REL650 is ready-made and cost-efficient line protection applications.

    ABB AGPS-21C (64668064) power supply which replaces 3AXD50000131891.

    Display 48...240VDC

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    Surge suppressor in a polymer case of the 2nd class line discharge, for AC networks up to 52 kV.

    ABB REB670 was created for the protection and monitoring of busbars. It also can work with T-connections and meshed corners.

    RET650*1.3 is designed to work with high voltage distribution networks. 

    ABB relay 2TLA010028R2000 with outputs 2NO/2NO/1NC for work in low voltage networks.

    Miniature Circuit Breaker 16 A. S202P-C32

    S202P-K25. Miniature Circuit Breaker 25A

    Miniature Circuit Breaker 16 A