• Product Identification Code: 3GAA101061-ASA
  • Item Code: 3GAA102061-ASA
  • Product Identification Code: 3GAA103061-CDA
  • Item Identification Number: 3GAA114061-BSA
  • Item Identification Number: 3GAA131061-CDA
  • Product Number: 3GAA132061-BSA
  • Item Code: 3GAA132062-ADA
  • Product Identification Number: 3GAA071062-ASA
  • Product Code: 3GAA083062-ADA

Standard motor is allotted for spend in overall industry, appointment the requirements of norm supplements for OEM's. Motors have lofty assembly grade, are accessible with all the peculiarities necessary by the OEM mart and can be modified to see most specifications.
ABB standard purpose motors have been allotted from the outset for maximum user-friendliness and ease of use and can be spent in a wide diapason of manufactured enclosures.
These devices are suitable for use in pumps and fans, as well as transmissions, conveyors, common equipment and other applications.

ABB 3GAA motor is an electric device that draws electric power into power-driven intensity.

Principle of operation

An electric motor works on the principle of electromagnetic stimulation - the natural operation of generating electric current in a closed circuit, subject to a change in the magnetic flux moving through it.

The principle of operation of an asynchronous AC motor is that the magnetic poles of the device constantly rotate in the windings of the electric motor and the direction of the current in the rotor is constantly changing.

M1AA Areas of use:

  • pumps,
  • fans,
  • compressors,
  • conveyors,
  • driving force for other machines
  • elevators,
  • heating systems,
  • ventilation and air conditioning, etc.

The advantages of  M1AA ABB electric motor are:

  • simplicity of design,
  • reliability,
  • low cost,
  • high service life,
  • high starting torque
  • overload capacity.

ABB motors are full covered and unbar drop secure, sole or three stage squirrel pane kind, constructed to submit with transborder IEC and EN norms. Motors are suitable to other patrial and international handling instructions are also accessible on demand.

All devices are examined to ISO 9001 transborder degree norm as well ISO 14000 environmental norm and reaffirm to all suitable EU directions.
ABB is one of exclusively a fistful of managing motor producers in Europe to keep a mover diapason to find or surpass the min. efficiencies fixed in the utmost grade of the EU deal of LV motors.

These performance grades employ to 2- and 4-pole, three leg squirrel pane inductance motors designed for 400V, 50Hz with S1 orderly group with the outlet 1.1 to 90 kW, which consider for the biggest capacity on the mart.

IP security:
Safety of identities contra receiving in connection with (or incoming) live details and contra relations with movable details inside the application. Also security of the motor contra entrance of hard external facilities. Defense of enginery contra the adverse aftermath through the admission of aqua.

IK code :
Division of grades of safety subject to fencing for motors over against foreign mechanic blows.

All ABB motor equipment is highly reliable and is aimed at saving energy and improving the production process of customers. ABB's highly qualified specialists are focused on continuous product development to meet all the needs of their customers. The company guarantees perfect support for its product throughout its life cycle and beyond.