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A44 111-100 is a three-phase electricity meter designed for use in industrial, commercial buildings and other areas. It has a compact design, easy to install and operate. The counter is equipped with a large and clear display with backlight, which ensures convenient reading of information.

IE2 High Efficiency Aluminum Motor

  • Product Identification Number: 2086212

M2AA 100LB 2

M2AA 112MB 4 

M2AA 132M 4 

The asynchronous electric motor of general purpose power 7.5 kW.

  • +122
  • Product Code: 3GAA091002-ASEK1
  • Vendor Identification Code: 3GAA092002-ASEK1
  • Vendor Identification Number: 3GAA093002-BSESK2
  • Vendor Code: 3GAA091001-ASESP1
  • Product Code: 3GAA092001-NSEHR1
  • Vendor Identification Number: 3GAA092001-ASESP1
  • Item Identification Code: 3GAA092002-CXEEX1
  • Product Identification Number: 3GAA091001-CSEKD1
  • Power:1.5kW, Voltage:255-275V/440-480V 60Hz, Protection Class: IP55
  • Item Code: GAA103001-CSAG1
  • Vendor Identification Number: 3GAA103001-BSESK3
  • Power:1.1kW, Voltage:255-275V/440-480V 60Hz, Protection Class: IP55
  • Item Number: GAA103301-ASAG1
  • Item Identification Code: 3GAA102001-JDE
  • M2AA100LA4B3,Power:2.2KW, AC
  • Item Identification Code: 3GAA102001-ASESP1
  • Item Code: 3GAA102002-ASEK1
  • Vendor Identification Code: 3GAA102002-ASESP1
  • Power:2.2kW, Voltage:255-275V/440-480V 60Hz, Protection Class: IP55
  • Vendor Number: GAA102301-ASAG1
  • Power:3kW, Voltage:255-275V/440-480V 60Hz, Protection Class: IP55
  • Vendor Code: GAA102302-ASAG1
  • M2AA series aluminium motor, 2 poles
  • Item Identification Code: 3GAA101001-ASA
  • M2AA series aluminium motor, 6 poles
  • Item Identification Number: 3GAA103001-ASA
  • Vendor Identification Number: 3GAA102001-ASEK1
  • M2AA 100 LA4 B3 Power:2.2KW, AC
  • Product Identification Code: 3GAA102001-ASE
  • Product Number: 3GAA101212-HSE

ABB offers various kinds of AC motors. They have improved energy efficiency characteristics and an extended life cycle. The range of use of ABB motors is huge. They can be applied in any industry and in any application.

An electric motor is a system for converting electrical light into rotary motion of a rotating part of an electrical machine. Energy conversion in engines occurs due to the interaction of the magnetic fields of the stator and the runner.

Working of electric motors

The speed of rotation of the runner of an asynchronous electrical motor rely on the total number of poles. The electric motor composes of a quick piece - a stator or an magneto (in DC motors) and a moving part - a rotor (phase with a winding or short-circuited, for asynchronous and synchronous AC motors) or an armature - a moving part of machines The vast majority of electric enginery are based on the rule of electromagnetic inductance.

Types of ABB electrical motors

  • DC motors. They are spent to make adjustable electrical discs with big energetic and strategic productivity. These detectors involve big equability of revolution and overload capacity.
  • Alternating current motors (AC motors). They are more popular than DC motors and are often used in industry and home applications. Their design is simpler and safer, and the controls are fairly conventional.
  • Stepper motors. They function on the rule of transformation electric momentums into power-driven motion of a separate kind.
  • Servo motors. They are great technical. Their function is to apply negative responsiveness. Such an engine is particularly heavy and capable of developing a high speed of rotation of the shaft, which is controlled by a computer program.
  • Linear. stator in the correct range relative to each other. Such engines are indispensable for the operation of machines, the operation of which is based on the translational and reciprocating motion of the working bodies.
  • Synchronous. This is a type of AC motors. They are used with fans, pumps and DC generators because they run at a constant speed.
  • Asynchronous. The frequency of rotation of their slider differs from the regularity of rotation of the magnetic platform, which is based on the actual winding of the stator.

M2AA Electric Motors

M2AA  3GAA  electric motor have sizes from 56 to 180 and M2AA 200. The terminal box is made of aluminum alloy and placed on top of the stator. The lower part of the housing is integrated with the stator.

Rope tonsils are not sealed. The housing is screwed to the stator and does not rotate.

On the right side, visible from the D-end, there is a find with a yoke with two ports for M40 rope tonsils. On delivery, the slots are closed with plastic forks. . The overlay on the second part is in a state with a cap rib.

When manufacturing new propellers, the terminal housing can be installed on the left or right side. See version codes 021 and 180 in the Terminal Housing section.

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