IE2 High Efficiency Cast Iron Motor

IE2 High Efficiency Cast Iron Motor

  • Product Code: 3GBA101510-ASCCNBA
  • Product Identification Code: 3GBA102510-BSCCN
  • Item Code: 3GBA103510-BSCCN
  • Vendor Number: 3GBA101510-ADCCN
  • Product Identification Code: 3GBA102510-ASCCNAD
  • Product Identification Number: 3GBA103510-ADCCN
  • Vendor Identification Number: 3GBA102520-ASDCNAC
  • Vendor Identification Code: 3GBA102520-BDDIN
  • Item Code: 3GBA102520-ASDCN
  • Item Number: 3GBA101530-BDCIN
  • Product Identification Code: 3GBA101810-ADD
  • Item Number: 3GBA102810-BDD
  • Product Identification Number: 3GBA103810-BSDIN
  • Vendor Code: 3GBA101810-BSDCN
  • Item Identification Code: 3GBA102810-BSDCN
  • Vendor Code: 3GBA103810-ASDCN
  • Vendor Identification Code: 3GBA101820-ADDIN
  • Vendor Identification Number: 3GBA111310-ADCCNBA
  • Vendor Identification Number: 3GBA112310-ADCCN
  • Product Identification Code: 3GBA113310-ASCCN
  • Vendor Code: 3GBA111310-BSCCN
  • Item Code: 3GBA112310-ADCCNAD
  • Product Number: 3GBA113310-ADCCN
  • Vendor Number: 3GBA111320-BDDCNAA
  • Product Identification Code: 3GBA111320-ASD
  • Vendor Code: 3GBA111320-BDDCN
  • Vendor Identification Code: 3GBA112410-ADDCNAE
  • Item Identification Number: 3GBA112410-ADDIN

 IE3 General Performance cast iron motors.

Cast-iron motors with premium efficiency class (IE3) of general application. They meet high performance requirements and are ideal for such applications as fans and pumps, and also for other directions of general machinery. Due to large variants of frame sizes these motors are characterized by considerable flexibility. Range of output power includes 7,5 … 355 kW.

Due to combination of the productivity and reliability ABB electric motors are widely used on modern industrial enterprises, providing a high efficiency of production processes.