• Product Identification Number: 2081199-V
  • Product Number: 2086212-V
  • Vendor Identification Code: 2111294-V
  • Vendor Identification Code: 2081261-V
  • Product Identification Code: 3GVA052002-CSA
  • Motor for Kadereit (SUGermany) substitution for the previous DKMOT 1957058
  • Product Identification Code: 1957058-V
  • Product Code: 3GVA062002-CSC
  • Vendor Code: 3GVA062003-BSA
  • Item Identification Number: 3GVA063001-BSA
  • Product Number: 3GVA061001-BSAS
  • Vendor Identification Code: 3GVA062002-BSA
  • Vendor Code: 3GVA063002-BSA
  • Item Identification Code: 3GVA062002-BSAS
  • C.C. Jensen A/S stock agreement with DKMOT3GVA062002-CSA+005
  • Item Code: 63B40006
  • Vendor Code: 3GVA063002-CSAS
  • Item Identification Code: 3GVA064001-BSAS
  • Vendor Code: 3GVA062003-CSA
  • Product Identification Number: 3GVA062003-ASAS
  • Item Identification Code: 2122067-B
  • Vendor Number: 3GVA072001CSKLX
  • Vendor Identification Number: 3GVA073002-AFC
  • Vendor Identification Number: 71B20073
  • Vendor Identification Code: 3GVA072002-ASCK1
  • Item Identification Number: 3GVA071004JSPTC
  • Vendor Code: 3GVA072003-ASC
  • Vendor Identification Code: 3GVA072004-ASC
  • Product Number: 71A20003
  • M2VA, M2VA, Y, 2 poles, IMB14 IM3601
  • Vendor Number: 3GVA071001-CSB
  • Vendor Number: 1852338-V
  • Product Identification Number: 3GVA071001-CSCS

The M2VA series motors are known for their robust construction and advanced design features, contributing to their long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. They are available in various configurations to suit different applications, including standard induction motors, high-efficiency motors, and motors designed for specific industry needs. Let's find out more details about the ABB M2VA motor series.

Exploring the Versatility of ABB M2VA Motors

Exploring the versatility of ABB M2VA Motors unveils their adaptability across a diverse range of industrial applications. Let's have a closer look at how these motors demonstrate versatility.

Varied power eatings
ABB M2VA Motors are available in various power ratings, from small fractional horsepower motors to large high-power motors. This versatility in power options allows them to be used in multiple industrial settings, from small-scale machinery to heavy-duty equipment.

Multiple mounting configurations
These motors have multiple mounting configurations, including foot-mounted, flange-mounted, and shaft-mounted options. This flexibility in mounting allows for easy integration into different types of machinery and equipment, making them suitable for various industrial applications.

Compatibility with different environments
ABB M2VA Motors are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust. This makes them versatile enough for indoor and outdoor applications across various industries such as mining, construction, and manufacturing.

Customizable features
ABB offers customization options for M2VA Motors, allowing customers to tailor the motors to their specific requirements. These options include different enclosure types, special shaft configurations, and additional accessories, making them adaptable to unique industrial applications.

Optimizing Efficiency with ABB M2VA Motors

Let's see how ABB M2VA motors contribute to efficiency optimization.

High-efficiency design
ABB M2VA Motors are engineered with a focus on energy efficiency. Their design incorporates advanced materials, precision engineering, and optimized components to minimize energy losses and maximize output power.

Variable speed control
These motors are compatible with variable speed drives (VSDs) or variable frequency drives (VFDs), allowing for precise motor speed and torque control. Adjusting the motor's operating parameters to match the required load can significantly reduce energy consumption, particularly during partial load conditions.

IE efficiency class
ABB M2VA Motors complies with the highest efficiency standards defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). By selecting motors with higher efficiency classes, such as IE3 or IE4, users can further enhance energy savings and reduce operational costs over the motor's lifecycle.

Integrated monitoring and control
Some ABB M2VA Motors feature built-in monitoring and control capabilities, enabling real-time performance monitoring and diagnostics. By proactively identifying issues and optimizing motor operation, downtime can be minimized, and overall efficiency improved.

Optimized design for specific applications
ABB offers a range of M2VA Motors tailored to specific applications, such as pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors. These motors are optimized for each application's unique requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance in various industrial settings.

Lifecycle management
ABB provides comprehensive lifecycle management services for M2VA Motors, including maintenance, repair, and replacement services. By implementing proactive maintenance strategies and upgrading to newer, more efficient motor models when necessary, overall system efficiency can be maximized over time.

Industrial Applications of ABB M2VA Motors

The ABB M2VA industrial applications are extensive, owing to their robust design, advanced features, and high-performance capabilities. Here are some critical industrial applications where they excel:

  • Compressors. In industries requiring compressed air systems, such as manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas, ABB M2VA Motors power compressors with efficiency and reliability. Their robust construction and ability to handle heavy loads ensure consistent performance in demanding environments.
  • Conveyors. ABB motors play a crucial role in mining, construction, logistics, and manufacturing conveyor systems. These motors provide the power and control to move materials efficiently along conveyor belts, contributing to streamlined production processes.
  • Mixers and agitators. These motors are used in mixers and agitators in chemical processing, food and beverage production, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Their high torque and precise speed control enable efficient mixing and blending of ingredients, ensuring product consistency and quality.
  • Crushers and grinders. M2VA drives crushers and grinders for size reduction and material processing in the mining, construction, and recycling industries. Their rugged design and high starting torque enable reliable operation in harsh conditions, increasing productivity and throughput.
  • Pumps and fans. M2VA motors are widely used in pumping and ventilation systems across various industries, including water treatment plants, HVAC systems, and industrial processes. Their reliable performance, precise control, and energy efficiency make them ideal for driving pumps, fans, and blowers.
  • Machine tools. These devices include power machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and drills in the metalworking and woodworking industries. Their high-speed capabilities, precise control, and durability enable accurate machining processes, producing high-quality finished products.
  • Extruders and presses. In the plastics, rubber, and metal fabrication industries, ABB M2VA Motors drive extruders and presses are used for shaping and forming materials. Their robust construction and ability to withstand heavy loads ensure reliable performance in continuous manufacturing processes.

ABB M2VA Motors: Powering Industrial Solutions

ABB Motors is the backbone of numerous industrial solutions, powering various applications across various sectors. Here's how these motors contribute to driving industrial solutions:

  • Efficient pumping systems. ABB M2VA are integral to pumping systems used in water treatment, agriculture, and mining industries. Their robust design and high efficiency ensure reliable operation, contributing to the efficient movement of fluids in industrial processes.
  • Effective ventilation systems. In HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems for commercial buildings, ABB M2VA motors play a crucial role in powering fans and blowers. Their precision control and energy-efficient performance help maintain optimal indoor air quality and temperature levels.
  • Reliable conveyor systems. M2VA motors drive conveyor belts in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. These motors provide the necessary torque and speed control for transporting materials efficiently along production lines, contributing to streamlined logistics and material handling processes.
  • Robust material handling equipment. ABB motors power material handling equipment such as cranes, hoists, and lifts in construction, ports, and logistics industries. Their high starting torque and rugged construction enable reliable operation, facilitating the movement of heavy loads with precision and safety.
  • Precise machine tools. These motors drive machine tools such as lathes, mills, and drills in metalworking, woodworking, and machining operations. Their high-speed capabilities and precise control ensure accurate machining processes, producing high-quality finished products.
  • Efficient compressed air systems. Such equipment power compressors generate compressed air in the manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries. Their energy-efficient design and variable speed control help optimize air production, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Versatile industrial machinery. ABB M2VAs are employed in various industrial machinery, including crushers, grinders, mixers, and extruders. Their versatility and adaptability make them suitable for numerous applications, enhancing productivity and process efficiency.

Unveiling the Performance of ABB M2VA Motors

Here's a closer look at the performance attributes of ABB M2VA catalog motors.

Built to withstand harsh operating conditions, ABB M2VA Motors boasts rugged construction and robust components. From heavy-duty industrial environments to extreme temperatures, these motors deliver consistent performance and long-term reliability, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Precision control
With advanced control capabilities, including compatibility with variable speed drives (VSDs) and precise speed regulation, ABB M2VA Motors offers unparalleled control over motor operation. This precision control allows fine-tuning motor performance to match specific application requirements, enhancing process efficiency and productivity.

High starting torque
ABB M2VA Motors are designed to deliver high starting torque, making them suitable for applications requiring rapid acceleration or handling heavy loads. This capability ensures smooth motor startup and operation, even under demanding conditions, without compromising performance.

Whether powering pumps, fans, conveyors, or other industrial equipment, ABB M2VA Motors exhibits exceptional adaptability. Available in various sizes, configurations, and power ratings, these motors can be tailored to meet the unique needs of multiple applications, providing versatility and flexibility in design and implementation.

Compliance with standards
ABB M2VA Motors meets stringent quality and performance standards, including international regulations and industry certifications. This compliance ensures that the motors meet or exceed safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability requirements, instilling confidence in their performance and reliability.