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ABB 243155 1SDA060615R1

Rated Current6 A V
Rated Frequency60 Hz DC
Power Loss3.54 W

E6H/f 6300 PR121/P-LI In=6300A 4p W MP

E6H/f 6300 PR121/P-LI In=6300A 4p W MP

1SDA055688R0001 Emax E1B 16 PR121-LI R1600 4P W MP

E3N 3200 PR123/P-LSIG In=3200A 3p W MP

1SDA056512R0001 Emax E3H 32 PR121-LI R3200 3P W MP

1SDA058951R0001 Emax E2N/MS 16 3P F HR

EMAX E2N/E MS 2000 1000VDC 4P F HR

Sace 3P HR-HR Zub. F. Circuit breaker E3 lower part

T6N 1000 PR221DS-LS/I In=1000 3p F F

ABB T6N 1000 PR221DS-LS/I In=1000 4p F F Komp.Leist.-s. Tmax T6

E2.2N 2000 Ekip Touch LSIG 3p FHR

ABB E4.2N 4000 Ekip Touch LSI 3p WMP Off. Leist.-sch. Emax2

Three-phase indoor SF6 Circuit Breaker

Indoor 3-phase SF6 Circuit Breaker

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type:  VD4/UNIMIX-F 12.06.12 P230

VD4 / P 12.12.20 withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

VD4/P 12.12.40 P210

VACUUM SWITCH ABB VD4 / P 12.25.25 P275

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker


    ABB XT1C 160 TMD 160-1600 4p F F (1SDA067410R1) Circuit Breaker TMAX

    Rated voltage220 to 690 V
    Rated short-circuit breaking current400 V, 50 Hz 25 kA
    Overload release current setting112 to 160 A

    Circuit breaker

    • 69mm
    • Number of poles : 2
    • 10 kA
    • 4A
    Rated Current 10 A
    Power Loss3.92 W
    Rated Frequency60 Hz DC

    ABB group is a leader in manufacturing of different types of electrical equipment. One of the groups is circuit breakers. The producer offers three main categories of them according to level of voltage: low-voltage (less than 1000 V), medium-voltage (up to 36000 V) and high voltage (more than 36 kV).

    What about medium voltage circuit breakers ABB Company offers three of them.

    Outdoor circuit breakers. The main achievements of this group are gas and vacuum circuit breakers.

    Railway circuit breakers. There are models both for indoor and outside installation with single- or two-poles.

    Indoor circuit breakers. The most widespread and numerous group. It includes 9 models, mostly vacuum circuit breakers, depends on voltage values. They have IEC or ANSI standards and aimed for generators  and transformers, for switching of short-circuit currents, ripple control systems and capacitors, motors, overhead lines and cables (under load and no load). Characteristics of networks is up to 63kA, 3150 A and 40,5kV.

    Besides vacuum indoor circuit breakers the ABB offers SF6 gas circuit breakers which do not generate operating overvoltages.

    The ABB Company provides complete technical and engineering support and aim to satisfy all needs of its customers in reliable and safe equipment.