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  • Softstarter
  • Product Code: 1SFA897106R7000
  • Softstarter
  • Product Code: 1SFA898112R7000

ABB PSTX250-600-70 Softstarter with three-phase control, 250 A, 50...60 Hz

Softstarter PSTX30-600-70 for max 600V main voltage and 100 - 250V 50/60Hz control supply voltage.

PSTX470-600-70 1SFA898116R7000 ABB Soft Start Device 400V / 250kW, 500V / 315kW, 470A

Softstarter 1SFA898117R7000 for max 600V main voltage and 100 - 250V 50/60Hz control supply voltage.

  • Softstarter
  • Product Code: 1SFA898107R7000

Softstarter PSTX840-690-70 for max 690V main voltage and 100 - 250V 50/60Hz control supply voltage. Best price. Fast shipping. Availability in warehouses.

55 kW, 3 phases, 105 A

  • Softstarter
  • Product Code: 1SFA898109R7000

Softstarter PSTX105-600-70 for max 600V main voltage and 100 - 250V 50/60Hz control supply voltage.

  • Softstarter
  • Product Code: 1SFA898110R7000
  • Softstarter
  • Product Code: 1SFA898105R7000

Softstarter 1SFA898217R7000 for max 690V main voltage and 100 - 250V 50/60Hz control supply voltage.

  • Softstarter
  • Product Code: 1SFA898118R7000
  • Softstarter
  • Product Code: 1SFA898119R7000
  • 52 ... 65 A
  • (400 V) Three Phase 30 kW
  • Main circuit 690 V AC
  • Main circuit 250 V DC
  • 45 mm
  • 97.8 mm
  • 85.55 mm
  • 0.31 kg
  • Softstarter
  • Product Code: 1SFA897103R7000
  • Product identification number: 1SFA897108R7000
    • ABB product type designation: PSE85-600-70
      • Softstarter
      • Product Code: 1SFA897109R7000
      • Softstarter
      • Product Code: 1SFA897110R7000
      • Softstarter
      • Product Code: 1SFA897111R7000
      • Softstarter
      • Product Code: 1SFA897101R7000
      • Softstarter
      • Product Code: 1SFA897112R7000
      • Softstarter
      • Product Code:1SFA897112R7000
      • Softstarter
      • Product Code: 1SFA897102R7000
      • Softstarter
      • Product Code: 1SFA897113R7000
      • Softstarter
      • Product Code: 1SFA897113R7000

      ABB presents the widest range of universal soft starters that perfectly fit any type of AC drivers. No matter the power capabilities of your motors, ABB soft starters enable even the biggest models to perform in both standard and harsh operating conditions depending on their purpose and line of operation. With the high-grade electrical stress protection out-of-the-box, they also prolong a driver’s service life through manual starting currents optimization.

      To provide a soft motor start, ABB soft starters allow to start current in the safest, sturdiest way and grant the much sought-after torque reduction in 3-phase asynchronous motors. With a range of default motor protection capabilities and a simple installation scheme, these starters can help you save tons of time and costs while boosting your production/manufacturing powers dramatically.

      All in all, getting soft starters from ABB, you get:

      1. Less motor wear  - conventional starting methods create stressful conditions for the motor. Use ABB soft starters for crusher systems and other motor-intense solutions to reduce long-term motor wear due to the soft motor start.
      2. Saved installation time - with one unit packing every element you need, including the bypass contactor and overload protection coming out of the box, you get to ensure the smoothest torque-based starting without going far or paying extra.
      3. Hazard resistance - ABB soft starters are made resistant to hazardous conditions in order to give you the ability to install and employ them with long-term performance confidence.
      4. Universal application - use ABB soft starters for crushers, conveyors, mixers, pumps, fans, grinders, compressors, and other systems depending on the type of manufacture. They fit any type of motor, from 3A to 2160A.
      5. Compact size - no need to sacrifice production space, ABB soft starters can easily fit the harshest size requirements.
      6. Cost-efficiency - simple installation combined with extra sturdiness, less stress for motors, and hassle-free maintenance result in major cost savings.

      ABB soft starters provide consistent and uniform current-based starting capacities for motorized systems of any scope, purpose, and complexity. They efficiently help prevent electrical, thermal, or mechanical weakening of connected moving parts. You also get to easily maintain power factor correction due to the stress-reducing abilities of ABB soft starters.

      ABB soft starters are your go-to devices whether you run a:

      • Textile factory
      • Cement factory
      • Plastic or rubber production
      • Steel processing and manufacture
      • Water supply system
      • Paper and pulp processing
      • Sugar factory
      • Construction, and more

      You can pick from a range of models in various dimensions and packages to fit various needs you may have. Make your choice from available models and purchase the starter right on the website. Or you can contact our specialists to clarify any underlying details and specifics, understand the difference between different models (e.g., the principal difference between ABB soft starters 600 vs 690), and settle any other questions.

      We can thoroughly consult you before making a purchase to help you get the best fitting solution exactly for your production or manufacturing goals. You can also check out the ABB soft starters manual yourself. Pick ABB soft starters for reliability!