Three-phase indoor SF6 Circuit Breaker

Indoor 3-phase SF6 Circuit Breaker

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type:  VD4/UNIMIX-F 12.06.12 P230

VD4 / P 12.12.20 withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

VD4/P 12.12.40 P210

VACUUM SWITCH ABB VD4 / P 12.25.25 P275

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Indoor withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker.

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker 

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

Indoor withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker.

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ABB VD4 is vacuum circuit breaker for indoor application with spring mechanism (mechanical actuator). It uses for distribution of electrical energy mainly in medium-voltage networks 10…20 kV - 630...2500 A – 16...31.5kA.  The main its purpose is protection and control of overhead lines, motors, cables, generators, transformer substations and other equipment.

VD4 vacuum circuit breaker has designed with a new technology of poles manufacturing. They have vacuum chambers encapsulated in epoxy poles. It makes poles very firm and protects the chamber from bumps, contamination and moistening. The vacuum chamber contains the contacts.

VD4 vacuum circuit breaker does not need any arc-extinguishabl and insulating medium because arc chute does not contain ionize materials.

One of the advantages of VD4 is extremely low mechanical wear of the system due to restriction energy because of the low speed of the contacts, a small move and weight. In results vacuum breaker requires minimum maintenance.

The drive of circuit breaker has stored energy and free releases. These properties allow to operations of switching on and switching off be independent on operator. The VD4 drive is simple in the use and can be made on an individual order with a wide range of accessories that can be easy and quickly installed.

Benefits of VD4 is vacuum circuit breaker:
- sealed-for-life poles;
- technique of disconnection in vacuum;

- lack of oxidation of the contacts in vacuum;
- camera drenched in epoxy pole;
- protection of camera from bumps, dirt and moisture;
- operation in various climatic conditions;
- limited commutation energy;
- fixed and withdrawable versions;
- small size;
- nonseparable poles;
- stability and reliability;
- minimal maintenance;
- racking-out and racking-in when the door is closed;
- safety for the environment.