ABB ACS350-01U

ABB frequency converters of ACS350 series are general purpose drives and are developed for applications in engineering, food, textile, woodworking, printing industry.

ACS350-01U drives possess a simple and clear interface and settings using the Flashdrop program, which allows you to program up to 8 modes. The compactness of sizes of drives allows to assemble them against a wall to a wall in a confined space.

Smart panel is installed in the drive housing and has a plastic window for parameter settings, which prevents wet precipitation and dust penetration. In addition, a cooling ventilator is located into a drive that eliminates a necessity for an external ventilator and subsequent maintenance of external rotary-type parts.

ABB ACS350 01U has 1 phases and voltage from 200 to 240V and frequency 60Hz.

The main technical parameters of ACS350-01U:
- Permissible level of overload: 150% for 1 min.
- Time of acceleration and deceleration of the motor: 0,0017–30 m.
- Inputs: 5 digital inputs 12-24 V DC with internal or external power, with PNP and NPN logic; 2 analog inputs, one of which is a current signal 0/4–20 mA.
- Outputs: 1 relay output 250 V AC or 30 VDC; 1 analog output with current signal 0/4–20 mA, 1 digital output 30 VDC.
- Environmental parameters: temperature -10…+40 °С, relative humidity not higher than 95%.
- Used communication protocols: Ethernet, CANopen, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus DP.

ABB ACS350-01U Types:

  • ACS350-01U-02A4-2 68581541
  • ACS350-01U-02A4-2+J400 3AUA0000012191
  • ACS350-01U-02A4-2+J404 3AUA0000012232
  • ACS350-01U-04A7-2 68581575
  • ACS350-01U-04A7-2+J400 3AUA0000012192
  • ACS350-01U-04A7-2+J404 3AUA0000012233
  • ACS350-01U-06A7-2 68581583
  • ACS350-01U-06A7-2+J400 3AUA0000012193
  • ACS350-01U-06A7-2+J404 3AUA0000012234
  • ACS350-01U-07A5-2 68581591
  • ACS350-01U-07A5-2+J400 3AUA0000012194
  • ACS350-01U-07A5-2+J404 3AUA0000012235
  • ACS350-01U-09A8-2 68581605
  • ACS350-01U-09A8-2+J400 3AUA0000012195
  • ACS350-01U-09A8-2+J404 3AUA0000012236