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Balluff BES 516-110D (BES02MJ) Inductive sensor

  • Operating principle: inductive
  • Type: non-contact
  • Operates at a distance of 1.5-6.0 mm


  • BES 516-300-S249-S4-D
  • Order Code: BHS002Y
  • Operating distance Sn 1.5 mm


  • Order Code: BHS002Y
  • Operating distance 1.2 mm
  • Housing: D7,9


Baluff Inductive Sensor BES series

  • Dimensions: Ø 8 x 50 mm
  • Action range: 4 mm
  • Switching frequency: 1500 Hz


  • Cylindrical Inductive Sensors
  • Sensing distance: up to 2 mm
  • Order Code: BHS001L

Balluff is a middle-sized company, family-manage for four ages, justified in Neuhausen auf den Fildern near Stuttgart and grown-up into a cosmopolitan, master worldwide player. Experts in sensor technology and automation with a tradition and long-standing client contacts, acting as an innovative partner.

The company entered the transborder market at a very betimes phase. In the early 80s, Balluff began to extend its manufacture and trade network. Now, Balluff is present not only in its hometown of Neuhausen, but also in Europe, Asia, North and South America and all other significant marts - in more than 68 countries global. This let to better realize and maintain clients and deliver namely what they want: high-grade transducer, authentication and visualization decisions, inclusive net technology and software for all automation tasks. As a future-oriented company, Balluff not only focuses on the classic areas of automation, but also responds quickly to constant market changes and customer needs in a changing digital world.

Balluff Product Groups:

  • The balancer. Compares the voltages of two adjacent cells and discharges the more charged one to the level of the less charged one, while the energy is released in the form of heat. Thus, the balancer equalizes the voltage on each cell relative to the slightest voltage on the cell in the battery.
  • Stub axles. It is the part of the shaft and the shaft assembly on which the bearing is placed, or several bearings
  • Shift levers. This is a gear selection knob for a manual transmission. Through the lever, the driver can transfer force to the mechanism for selecting, engaging and disengaging the vehicle's gears.
  • Inductive sensors. The principle of operation of inductive sensors is based on a change in the parameters of the magnetic field of an inductor coil, into which a metal object enters. An oscillation circuit inside the instrument generates an electromagnetic field. Since induced currents occur on it, the oscillations are reduced, which is instantly read by the sensor.
  • Optoelectronic sensors. With the help of optical sensors, you can control the distance, dimensions, level, color and degree of transparency. They are installed in automatic lighting control systems, remote control devices, used in security systems.
  • Capacitive sensor. A parametric type converter in which a change in the measured value is converted into a change in the capacitance of a capacitor. A special circuit converts the change in capacitance into a sensor threshold signal.
  • Electromechanical sensors. A feature of electromechanical sensors is the presence in them of a copying element - a probe, which, under the action of springs, is in contact with the surfaces or edges of the product being copied.
  • Command apparatuses. Electrical apparatus for various kinds of switching electrical circuits in object or process control systems.
  • Magnetic margin actuators. Developed to determine the speed of movement or turning, location and corner of spin of various objects. The principle of operation of sensors is based on a proportional change in the output voltage or resistance of the sensor under the influence of an external magnetic field.
  • Identification systems. They are an indispensable tool for managing the information flow in modern enterprises. The data carrier stores all the information that is in a state of readiness for a request at any time. From the wide program of BALLUFF identification systems, an economical and optimal structure can be put together.
  • Engine parts for the automotive industry

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