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A-normally closed, inlet port 1 (P/NC), 1,20 mm (3/64 inch)

  • separating diaphragm. 2/2-way
  • 16 mm analysis


0470-C-04,0-BB-FM01-TA22-024/UC-02 *


00164579 2000-B-2-20,0-EE-VA-SA93-C-D *AF93+NK51

Micro dosing unit




Actuator for 2/2-way angle seat valve,  25mm (1")



250 V / 10A / -30,00 - 90,00 °C  / IP65/67

PH/REDOX-electrode for many different types of installations and applications.

Pressure measuring device with an extra-large display.


Vibrating level switch with tuning fork.

pH or ORP meter is a modular device designed for the measurement of oxidation-reduction potentia and pH in clean liquids.

PH/REDOX-electrode for many different types of installations and applications.


Graphite seal, DN50

  • Burkert easy fluid control SYS
  • 641115
  • Graphite seal

Burkert type 6223 is 2/2-way proportional solenoid valves

  • Direct-acting, media-separated valve up to DN 8
  • Maintenance-free pivoted armature technology
  • Vibration-proof, block screwed coil system
  • Service-friendly, robust manual override
  • Explosion-proof variants

Burkert type 0142 is a normally closed two-way valve with a servo-assisted diaphragm.

Burkert Type 0340 is a servo-assisted 3/2-way piston valve.

When it comes to fluid flow control, management, measurement and automation, Burkert valves present one of the best choices on the market today. German quality and expertise together with a solid research base have provided Burkert devices with the long history of successful deployment in industrial, scientific and commercial fluid control applications all over the World.

The presentation of Burkert catalog you can find here: Burkert overview pdf 

How does a Burkert valve work?

Depending on the type Burkert valves may use electromagnetic forces, air pressure, manual or dispenser sensor solutions to set a valve on and off.

Let’s review major types of Burkert valve products to see more:

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Solenoid valves

Solenoid power may be used in these valve designs in a direct way or through a servo.

There is a wide array of Burkert solenoid valve devices intended for various applications and purposes. Please refer to our catalog for more detail.

There are general-purpose (2/2, 3/2-way) and special (Hazardous location, high pressure, and media separated) valves available. It could be used in both liquid and gas environments. Main fields of application include:

  • Mixing;
  • Dozing;
  • Shut off;
  • Flow distribution.

Process and Control Valves .

This product group uses pneumatic or electric motion actuators to manage, monitor and control flow direction. Available functions include shut-off, process, control and process automation.”Set and forget” slogan may give the best explanation for these valve devices' mode of use as well as their exclusive reliability. Please refer to our catalog for more detail.

Solenoid Control Valves

Burkert’s R & D team efforts made it possible to achieve a greater operating span, obtain perfect accuracy and fine sensitivity of a valve device.

Friction and sliding in valves were dramatically reduced to a physically possible minimum. Solenoid control valve product line includes units with orifices as fine as 0.05 mm. Please refer to our catalog for more detail.

Burkert also manufactures technologically advanced sensors and flow control systems:

Pneumatics and Process interfaces

Pneumatic and Process interfaces are technologically advanced devices fully integrated into industrial automation systems and units. They are entirely compliant with centralized or distributed control requirements.

New AirLINE Quick adapter for automation systems has perfect capacity for cost reduction. It will support your bottom line by reducing the number of components and cables needed in industrial cabinets.

Sensors, Controllers, and transmitters

This group includes Burkert products designed for measurement and analysis purposes.

Sensor, controller, and transmitter devices have the capacity to measure flow, level, pressure, temperature as well as to analyze the chemical composition and physical properties of liquid environments. Burkert provides a wide variety of flow meters:

  • Differential pressure;
  • Positive displacement;
  • SAW;
  • Ultrasonic;
  • Others.

Burkert also offers a broad range of fluid analysis units and armatures:

  • Chlorine;
  • Ph/Orp;
  • Turbidity.


When precision, accuracy, and miniature size of devices are critically important, look no further than Burkert microfluidics. These devices are perfect for medical use, scientific, biotech research, and many other successful applications.

The microfluidics product group contains miniature size valves, pumps, and system units.

These devices have technologically advanced modular designs. They sport high reliability and low power consumption.

Liquid and Mass Flow Controllers

When your industrial process requires operating in gaseous, gas-liquid environments, Burkert liquid and mass flow controllers provide efficient and reliable solutions:

  • Precise dosing;
  • Continuous regulation and control of gaseous media (methanol, ammonia, etc.);
  • MFC (mass flow controllers) and MFM (Mass Flow meters) for gas flow control;
  • LFC (Liquid Flow Controllers) and LFM (Liquid Flow Meters) for liquid flow control.

The Company

Founded by Christian Burkert as an electrical engineering shop in Ingelfingen (Germany) back in 1946, Burkert has since made tremendous progress in its growth and development presently becoming one of the World’s technological leaders in valve and flow control system production. The Company has strong R&D, Consulting, and Post-Sales support services units. With an active inventory of over 30,000 items, the company now globally represents and successfully exports products worldwide.