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PH/REDOX-electrode for many different types of installations and applications.

Pressure measuring device with an extra-large display.


Vibrating level switch with tuning fork.

PH/REDOX-electrode for many different types of installations and applications.

Burkert Type 8008 of flow meters is designed for measuring particularly high flow rates and uses the colorimetric measuring principle.

Insertion Flow Transmitter

The flow meter type 8036 is a compact device specially designed for measuring the flow of solids-free liquids

Positive displacement flowmeter for continuous flow measurement is specially designed for use with highly viscous liquids

The flow meter / flow switch is used for high viscosity media such as glue, honey and oil.

Vibrating level switch for limited spaces with tuning fork. For all industrial use.

Burkert sensors are products that combine sensors, transmitters and controllers with excellent accuracy and reliability.

Burkert produces the following types of sensors:

  • Flowmeters
  • Level sensors
  • Fluid analysis
  • Pressure meters
  • Temperature sensors
  • Controllers and transmitters
  • Armatures for analytical measurements

Flow meters category includes electromagnetic, ultrasonic, paddle wheel, SAW and thermal mass types. Units may work with a very dense flow or under high pressure depending on the model.

Level sensors are a family of precision devices for determining and monitoring the level in a tank. The manufacturer produces radar, ultrasonic and tuning fork sensors for level measurement.

Fluid analysis sensors measure the different chemical characteristics of liquids. They can determine ph/orp level, conductivity, turbidity, and chlorine percentage in fluids. The company also produces multi-channel systems for complex analysis.

Pressure meters category includes a line of robust and accurate sensors, switches, transmitters and controllers for pressure measurement. They operate with both gas and water.

Temperature sensors are capable to measure the temperature level in neutral environments and in harsh conditions. This category includes type 8400 and Type TST001.

Controllers and transmitters provide automation control of industrial systems. Such mechanisms work autonomous and perform tasks with great accuracy.

Armatures for analysis sensors are designed for quick and easy connection of sensing units to the production pipeline. The company produces an extensive number of connection options.

Burkert sensor family is a very wide range of devices that can work with almost all types of materials.