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A-normally closed, inlet port 1 (P/NC), 1,20 mm (3/64 inch)


00164579 2000-B-2-20,0-EE-VA-SA93-C-D *AF93+NK51




Actuator for 2/2-way angle seat valve,  25mm (1")



250 V / 10A / -30,00 - 90,00 °C  / IP65/67


Vibrating level switch with tuning fork.

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Graphite seal, DN50

  • Burkert easy fluid control SYS
  • 641115
  • Graphite seal


0470-C-04,0-BB-FM01-TA22-024/UC-02 *


Burkert 2508-00-B-00-3-1-BCS Cable connector

  • Standard connector for solenoid valves
  • Three contacts
  • Output with cable downwards
  • Protected against overvoltage, incorrect connection and damage to the valve in case of power failure


burkert 2508

  • Type: form A cable plug
  • Protection: class IP 65
  • Material: polyamide
  • Maximum current: 10 А

Bürkert Corporation is a German manufacturer of process measuring and monitoring frames for fluids and gases. There is one of the world's master producers of technical automation components and systems.

Having started its history in 1946 as a German family business, now Burkert is a group of companies, including 4 research centers, 5 production sites in Germany and France, 35 branches worldwide.

Having earned a high reputation in the 20th century for the exceptional reliability of its components (primarily solenoid and pneumatical controlled flaps), Bürkert by continuously investing in innovation and accumulating international experience, has today become a recognized expert in solving complex problems of regulating and testing the stream of aquas and gases.

Burkert products are used in almost all areas of industry: mechanical engineering, energy, chemical, medical, food, textile... Burkert components are also used by many recognized leaders in their fields, European and world generators.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is considered a pioneer in the development and production of valves of various types, which are widely used in all kinds of engineering systems: in particular, the products are used in devices designed for the distribution, dosing, metering, check of dips, gases and vapor. Thanks to its vast international experience and the high quality of its products, the concern has an extensive network of customers all over the world. The manufacturer helps to find optimal solutions for each client, demonstrating the right approach to complex problems at complex facilities.

Burkert Product list consists of the following categories:

  • Pneumatic valves. A small device that is designed to change the direction of compressed air flow in the air lines of a air-driven detector.
  • Clew flaps. A kind of conduit vent, the blocking or adjusting element of which has a spherical shape.
  • Positioners. A device designed to control the operation of the actuator, when setting up a satellite dish, it remembers a certain position as a number, and only then, when the corresponding number is pressed, the positioner drives the actuator rod to the desired length, counting the pulses from the actuator sensor.
  • Micropumps. These are devices that can control and move little volumes of liquid, though any form of petite pump is frequently reflex to as a micropump, a more precise definition limits the date to pumps with dynamic overall dimensions in the micrometer band.
  • Liquid and gas flow meters. these are devices that measure the volume or mass of a matter fluid, gas or fallow that pass through the pipeline section per unit time.
  • Solenoid valves. Electromechanical device designed to regulate the flow of all types of liquids and gases, it consists of a body, a solenoid with a core, on which is mounted a disk or piston that regulates the flow.
  • Pneumatic distributors. This is a device designed to distribute air flows in two or more external pneumatic lines, as well as control the actuators of pneumatic systems.
  • Pneumatic actuators. A anatomically individual device containing one or more primary metering transducers.
  • Pressure sensors. A measuring device designed for continuous measurement of pressure of various media and subsequent conversion of the measured value into a unified current or voltage output signal.
  • Analytical sensors. These are devices for studying the chemical and physical properties and qualities of various liquid media.
  • Robolux devices.
  • Motorized flappers. A valve with an electric drive is a pipeline fitting designed for automatic control of the passing flow by changing the flow area of the valve.

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