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LED display, 4-segment


Frequency converter

  • Voltage: 380-480 V
  • Output Frequency: 0.1-600 Hz
  • Rated power: 0.75 kW


Frequency converter

  • Voltage: 380-480 V
  • Output Frequency: 0.1-600 Hz
  • Rated power: 2.25 KW/ 3 HP
  • Voltage: 380-480 V
  • Output Frequency: 0.1-600 Hz
  • Rated power: 7.5 kW

Delta Electronics is the largest international concern developing a wide range of intelligent decisions in the area of energy-saving industrial automation equipment. The Delta has achieved a leading position in the segments of power systems and revolving energy, industrial automation, IT components and telecommunications facilities. The band of activities also coats the evolution and manufacture of projection systems, LED solutions, automotive electronics, net installation.

The Delta Electronics group includes 31 factories, 33 research and development centers, 76 sales offices located in Taiwan, China, Europe, North and South America, Korea, India, Thailand and Japan. Delta is headquartered in Taiwan.

The main groups of Delta Products:

  • Power supplies
  • Frequency converters
  • Programmable controllers
  • Servo Drives
  • Instrumentation equipment (meters, regulators, timers, etc.)
  • Pressure Sensors

Delta Drive

The development of the industry implies the frequent use and application of modern power electronics, as well as advanced microprocessor technologies. Delta Electronics' well-known brand AC motor frequency high-tech product can precisely control the speed of motor rotation force, greatly improve process automation, and greatly save energy.

The delta frequency converters are first of all reliabile and stabile. Each individual mechanism is designed to meet all the necessary needs in controlling the speed of rotation of the motor.

The big advantage of Delta Drives is their excellent ability to withstand a sharp increase in loads.

In addition, the devices provide a full range of high-speed modes of operation and are used everywhere in industrial sectors.

The main categories of Delta Frequency Converters:


Delta power supply

Power supplies from Delta Electronics occupy a significant volume in the production of the company's equipment. Despite their short existence, they have gained great popularity among consumers around the world.

Delta Power supplies are characterized by:

  • rated output voltage 24V and 12V DC;
  • extended temperature range from -20°C to +70°C, with a minimum delay time (20 ms);
  • blocks are made according to technical requirements;
  • durable and reliable aluminum or plastic
  • housing is able to withstand strong shocks, as well as vibration loads during operation, which complies with the established IEC60068-2 standard;
  • wide power range, makes it possible to use blocks in various fields.

Delta Product Types

Under the Delta brand, energy-saving equipment is produced to improve the quality of life, power electronics products are developed and made:

  • UPS - continuous capacity reserves. The main function is to ensure the continuity of power supply through the use of an alternative energy source. In addition, it refines the quality of the energy deliver, stabilizing its parameters within the established limits. Chemical current sources are usually used as an energy depot device.
  • Power supplies. A device that converts the electricity parameters of the main power supply source into electricity with the parameters necessary for the operation of auxiliary devices.
  • Electronic control equipment. An electronic device that starts and maintains the operating mode of gas-discharge lighting lamps.
  • Servos. Mechanical drive with automatic state correction through internal negative feedback, according to parameters set from outside.
  • Transformers. A statical electromagnetic arrangement designed to convert, by means of electromagnetic induction, one or more systems (voltages) of alternating current into one or more other systems (voltages), without changing the frequency. The transformer performs alternating voltage conversion and / or galvanic isolation in a wide variety of applications - electric power, electronics and radio engineering.
  • Frequency converters. An electronic device for changing the frequency of an electric current. The principle of operation of frequency control is based on the dependence of the rotation speed and torque on the AC motor shaft on the frequency of the supply voltage.
  • Industrial logic controllers. A special kind of electronic computer. Most often used to automate technologic operations. At the very beginning of the cycle, it scans the states of the inputs that receive signals from sensors and devices. Then, in accordance with the program algorithm, the state of the outputs is calculated. At the end of the work cycle, the controller sets each output to the state that has been defined.
  • Filters. A device for separating desirable components of an electrical signal spectrum and/or suppressing unwanted ones.
  • Operator panel. A specialized computing device of mass (or large-scale) production, implemented as an industrial controller (not a computer), widely using a human-machine interface to monitoring operators of individual automated devices or entire technological processes.
  • Temperature controllers. This is an element of automatic control of heating or cooling equipment. Maintains the temperature at the level set by the consumer. They are used in artificial climate installations, in cooling and freezing installations, in space heating systems, in greenhouses.
  • Counters. An electronic device for counting the number of pulses received at its input, using continuous summation; or to determine the degree of accumulation of any value over time, by integrating the value of the current measurement.
  • Timers. A device that, after a specified period of time, automatically turns on or off the machine, apparatus, industrial or household device and (or) signals the moment of their turning on or off.
  • Interface converters. Devices that allow data to be transferred between devices that have incompatible types of interfaces for external communications.

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