EBM-Papst Centrifugal Fans


The product is 2020 removed from storage

Centrifugal fan

  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Nominal frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Size: 180 mm

Centrifugal fan for AC motors

Weight3.3 kg

Centrifugal fans are widely used for moving of air masses, gaseous mixtures, steam, smoke  and dustborne mixtures with fibred, pulverulent, hard particles  and admixtures, in the conditions of normal and enhanceable temperatures, in the apressure and in the exhaust units.

Such fans are used in industry, systems of heating and ventilation, in the systems of smoke removal, aspiration, in production processes, climatic vent systems for providing of wide range of the productivity with the low level of noise. Cost of centrifugal models usually below than axial, they are reliable and does not require difficult service.

Centrifugal fans have a housing of spiral form, sometimes covered with a rectangular plate for ease of installation in ducted systems.  Inside the fan is an impeller rotor, rotating from the drive which a driving wheel of rotor, which is attached to the body. A corps is usually made from the galvanized sheet steel.
EBM-papst offer wide range of centrifugal fans both with backward-(free-wheeling) and forward- curved blades (with a scroll housing).

In the line of produces centrifugal fans are:
Centrifugal fans with backward-curved blades. They are «universal» for control cabinets, powerful COMPUTERS, medical equipment, engineer, roof fans and ventilation of apartments. They are perfect for high pressures and have low noise level, excellent hydraulic efficiency and don’t need scroll housing.
Centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades. Have high power density and extremely low level of noise. They can be dual-inlet or single-inlet, compact in application with motors with external or internal rotor.