Eltra Encoder EMSSS

Eltra EMSSS500S25GH10R5PA1
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Magnetostrictive transducer

Linear magnetostrictive rod transducer with SSI output.

Absolute magnetostrictive

This series of linear transducer has SSI output. They can be mounted to high applications (350 bar, 700 bar peak). For example pneumatic cylinders or hydraulic. They are perfect for using in application with shocks, mechanical stresses and high contamination conditions due to rugged enclosure and compact size.
All equipment produced by ELTRA  has high quality and is reliable.

Up to IP67 enclosure rating
Working temperature: -40° ... +70°C
Stroke length 50 - 1500 mm
Linearity 0,03%
Up to 10 m/s displacement speed
Sampling time up to 1,5 ms
Up to 0,040 mm resolution

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