Eltra Sistemi

Barcode ticket reader for parking inductry

Compact card reader with RFID technology for parking exit

Parking ticket issuing machine

Automatic ticket issuing machine for Entry Lanes

Reader / Encoder module for parking industry

Toll payment machine for parking industry

High Speed Validator x train/metro stations w/out printer

Ticket/Card validating machine

Barcode ticket validator for parking industry

Barcode ticket validator for parking industry

Merchant barcode ticket validator for parking industry

Automatic toll payment machine

Ticket issuing machine for motorways

Compact parking ticket issuing machine

Reader/Encoder module with shredder device

Magnetic Reader or Encoder module with ticket parking

Barcode ticket dispenser

All functionalities in ONE unit. Dispenser + Validator + Reader

Compact barcode ticket dispenser

RFID ticket dispenser w/ single feeder but w/out thermal printer

RFID ticket dispenser w/ single feeder & thermal printer

RFID ticket dispenser w/ double feeder but w/out thermal printer

RFID ticket dispenser w/ double feeder & thermal printer

Manual entry lane

Edmonson Gate Validating Machine for metro stations with dot matrix printer + RFID (optional)

Edmonson Ticket issuing machine

RFID card reader/encoder

RFID card reader/encoder

High Speed Ticket issuing machine x single unit ticket/card: 0.30/0.35 mm

RFID Paper Ticket Dispenser

Let us introduce you to one of the most reliable industrial systems manufacturers in Western Europe that is Eltra Sistemi. Being on the market since the 1970s, that company expanded its manufacturing capacities by developing brand new (at the time) technologies.

A Bit of History of Eltra Sistemi

At its dawn, the company was manufacturing transformers and magnetic heads. At that time, it was well-known in the market as Eltra SRL. Since its collaboration with telephony and banking equipment flagmen Olivetti SPA and Urmet, the scope of interests of Eltra SRL was widened up to digital data proceeding and magnetic cards development. In the 90s, it was Eltra Sistemi who designed and introduced in the global market the first magnetic motorised card reader. Today the scope of products in the catalog of Eltra Sistemi includes contactless, barcode, chipped, magnetic solutions that are thoroughly customized for the goals of a customer.  

Where Are Eltrasistemi Solutions Implemented Today?

Due to the fact that Eltra Sistemi uses modern production technologies, their ticketing and toll manufacturing covers all modern needs for the use of card reading equipment. In particular, the company offers the following product options:

  • Machines for the production of the magnetic, chip, barcode cards for various applications.
  • Encoders for reading cards including a barcode ticket reader, chip and tape readers.
  • Parking equipment for payment and parking control using the parking ticket validation machine.
  • Diverse solutions for toll roads and urban transport. Card dispensers, readers, payment terminals for payment of travel - all this is present in the Eltra Sistemi catalog.

In addition, the company can always select spare parts for payment and banking equipment, for example, replaceable transformers, magnetic heads, encoders and other parts.

At the same time, all brand products are divided into subcategories depending on the scope of application:

  • Eltra Parking for parking ticket issuing machines and card reading solutions for installation on parking areas.
  • Eltra Motorways for implementation in road infrastructure and control of toll roads.
  • Eltra Transit for solutions in the field of urban transport infrastructure, for example, the sale of tickets, ticket issuing machines, automatic toll payment machines and others. Among such solutions, are automation of control over the payment of fares in public transport, the introduction of bank terminals and card readers for payment.
  • Eltra Digitalheads is a division of goods intended for transactions with various types of bank cards. Various credit and debit card encoders, equipment for issuing bank cards and loyalty cards of retail outlets, payment systems, and equipment for passbooks are produced under this sub-brand.

All products under the Eltra Sistemi brand have the following advantages:

  • Exact compliance with modern European quality standards,
  • Availability of ISO certification.
  • Adaptability to the peculiarities of the country's payment systems - products are supplied to 70 countries of the world.
  • Accurate business solutions.
  • Opportunity to introduce Eltra Sistemi products into various business areas.
  • The durability of each product and its maintainability.

All these qualities make the brand's products not only in demand. It is a benchmark for the highest quality and a role model for other manufacturers. In addition, all samples of Eltra Sistemi products can be easily integrated into the automatic systems of other manufacturers. Simple and concise solutions in design and functionality, compliance with the needs of the industry and modern technologies - all this makes the Eltra Sistemi product range actively used all over the world.

If you are looking for similar high-tech solutions for installation in your office, road or parking infrastructure of your city, in retail outlets or malls, in our catalog you can find the solutions you need. In addition to a wide selection, we offer competitive prices for branded products of the Italian manufacturer Eltra Sistemi, as well as prompt delivery times. Don't give your competitors a single chance - choose efficient and high-tech solutions for payment systems and card products from Eltra.