Emotron Soft starters MSF

Emotron MSF085. Softastarter for motors of 45 KW.

Emotron MSF017. Softastarter for motors of 11 KW.

Emotron MSF030. Softastarter for motors of 18 KW.

The distinctive feature of Emotron MSF 2.0 softstarters is their compact size. They provide a complete set of control functions of start/stop, protection, measuring, diagnostics and communication to any of the drive. The Emotron MSF smooth starting device does needless additional devices, such as meters,  temperature relays and communication devices. This in turn decreases the number of system components, reduces the place for its installation and facilitates service.

All these characteristics lead to lower costs for installation and maintenance. Emotron MSF softstarters are easy in use, as it is needed to set only 9 parameters in the menu of the "quick setup". Afterwards you can configure up to 68 parameters  for full installation.

Basic features of Emotron MSF 2.0:
- power range 7.5 – 800 kW;
- 3 phases control;
- soft start with voltage increase, current limitation or torque control;
- soft stop control of voltage or time;
- a full range of motor protection, the drive mechanism and the device itself;
- switching 4 sets of parameters;
- function creeping speed forward/backward;
- the error log (17);
- the automatic reset function error;
- extensive communication capabilities (Profibus DP, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet);
- mode of energy savings to work with underloaded motors;
- removable control panel.