Stock Endress+Hauser Stock


Modular assembly for Memosens CCS120D


Flow fittings

  • Operates at a pressure: 6 bar
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Scope - drinking water, plant farms, wastewater station


Inductive conductivity sensor


Levelflex FMP57-5JW5/0, LC=4000мм


  • current output - 4-20 mA;
  • conductivity - 2 kHz;
  • adjustable functions - pulse, controller , frequency and so on


Ultrasonic level gauge

  • Measuring range in liquids: 5 m
  • Measuring range in bulk products: 2 m
  • Case material: durable aluminum

Endress+Hauser is a German brand constructed in 1953 by Swiss engineer Georg H. Endress and German banker Ludwig Hauser. The company produces metering equipment: thermometers, actuators, metres, degree sensors, flow measures, scheme components.

E+H was initially named L Hauser KG and specialized in the strides of the capacitive grade sensor, a commodity from the UK. The grade transducer proved to be in require in the mart, and quickly the community uncovered its proper production, little by little dilative it with its peculiar innovating solutions. In the 1980s, EH goods took a master location in technologic furnishing in the dimension installation market owing to the insertion of microchips into the design determination of their area.

From a low seller of a uniform article, Endress+Hauser has grown-up in a world full-cycle producer and provider of full decisions for manufactured automation, comprising conventional and revolving energy.

For 40 years, Georg led Endress Hauser. For this time, he matured the firm and entered the mart with his creations. In 1995, he handed over the manual to his son Klaus Endress. He continued the story began by his father and reached stable increase of the company.

Endress Hauser products

The main EH products lines are:

  1. Liquid Analisys
  2. Flow meters
  3. Level sensors
  4. Pressure transmitters
  5. Temperature sensors

Also among Endress Hauser product types are:

  • Flux meters. A system that gauge the volume flow or mass flow of a substance, that is, the amount of a substance passing through a given flow section, for example, the section of a pipeline per unit time.
  • Limit and temperature selectors. A range selector is an electromechanical arrangement for check chains, movable by right mechanic action of a machinery or part of a engine. A thermostat is an element of automatic control of heating or cooling equipment.
  • Conductometers. An instrument that measures the electrical conductivity of an electrolyte. They are used for the analysis of solids, water and non-aquatic decisions, colloid systems and various melts.
  • Recorders. A micro system, the purpose of that is the metering and archiving of electrical network info.
  • Registers. A device for writing, storing and reading n-bit binary data and performing other operations on them.
  • Thermal converters. This is a measuring tool (device) that converts the measured temperature into a signal for subsequent transmission, processing or recording by means of automation.
  • Power dividers. They are used to separate the signal passing through the transmission line into several identical or with a phase shift of the signal by 90 °. The main task that a divider must perform in a high-frequency circuit is to match the wave impedances.
  • Detectors. Mechanism for optic monitor of beeps and data. Can specify the attendance of an inlet signal and/or its size out of indicating the infelicity. Regeneration of info occurs less its durable fixation. The detector call monitors the operation, the condition of the facility.
  • Relay. A shifting arrangement that, when unprotected to external natural fact, harshly takes on a finite item of valuations of the outlet percentage. The goal of the relay is to automatize the closing or opening of an electric scheme.
  • Spark protection equipment. A device capable of detecting sparks and turning off electricity. In addition, it protects electrical appliances from increased voltage in the network, which may occur, for example, due to a break or “burning out” of the neutral wire.
  • Metering sensors. A mechanical instrument with normalized metrological features, which is used to turn a measured amount into another sum or a dimension call, comfortable for treatment, repository farther converting, indication and gearbox.

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