IFM Electronic Inductive sensors

Amplifier, Housing for DIN rail mounting, 2-channel, selectable for pnp and npn switching sensors, Output 24 V DC / 300 mA, short-circuit and overload protection

Amplifier, Housing for DIN rail mounting, 2-channel, selectable for pnp and npn switching sensors, Output 24 V DC / 2 x 150 mA, short-circuit and overload protection

Multi-function relay, Housing for DIN rail mounting, 4 functions, 2 timers 0.25...640 s

  • Inductive sensor
  • Plastic housing
  • ГIFM Electronic/Position sensors/Inductive sensors

Inductive sensor, Plastic housing, Ø 164 / 180 x 210, AC, with mounting plate, Connector, Sensing range 120 mm [nf] adjustable 30...120 mm

Inductive sensor, Rectangular, plastics, AC/DC, ATEX approval, Group II, category 3D, Terminals, Sensing range 60 mm [nf] adjustable

SET 250X IN5281 O.VERP





SET 100X II5908 O.VERP

SET 100X IE5383 O.VERP

SET 100X IE5384 O.VERP

SET 100X II5909 O.VERP

SET 100X II5927 O.VERP

SET 100X IS5088 O.VERP

SET 100X IS5089 O.VERP

SET 250X IFM218

SET 32XIE5202


SET 100 X IF5884

SET 82 X IN5207

SET 150XIN5326 O. VERP

SET 100XIN5129 O. VERP

SET 100 x IE5438

SET 100 x IFS279

SET 200XIY5055

SET 100 x IE5338

Inductive sensor, Plastic thread, M18 x 1, AC/DC, Cable, Sensing range 8 mm [nf]

ifm Inductive sensors photo

Inductive proximity sensor and switch by IFM Efector are the ideal solution for industrial automation applications due to non-contact sensing technology. It means no wear, no tear and high switching frequencies in one package!

The companies of IFM gmbh group have a huge experience in producing products for sensing market. Thanks to this, their products are distinguished by quite affordable prices and amazing quality.

IFM Electronics manufactured several series of inductive sensors for different applications:

  • High pressure cleaning
  • Coolant and machining
  • Kplus (no correction factor)
  • Mobile equipment
  • Welding

The company has categories for literally all requirements. In addition to complete product lines, the manufacturer also produces accessories and software for better device's efficiency. There are special solutions for work in hazardous areas and aggressive media. This is equipment with metal or stainless steel housing with high level of protection against mechanical shocks, high pressure and temperature changes.

Eltra trade has a wide range of variations of IFM proximity sensor in the catalogue. To find out all product details and actual price for each category, just send a request or call our managers! The great customer service is our premier goal! Call now!

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