IFM Systems for mobile machines

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R360/BasicController 12/8

R360/BasicController 12/12




Multifunction customizable inputs and outputs, durable metal housing, high degree of protection, programmable to IEC 61131-3 with CODESYS, high-performance CAN interface


ioControl/In 8/Out 8/DT6



R360/SysStart/TC Client

R360/32bit Ext/32 In/32 Out

R360/Extended Controller


R360/32bit Ext/40 In/40 Out

R360/32 bit Ext/EIOS/80 I/O

R360/32 bit Ext/EIOS/80 I/O

R360/32bit Ext/80 I/O/ISO

R360/BasicDisplay XL





Controls and settings for the operation of mobile machines, large color display for visualizing machine functions, handling with backlit keys with tactile feedback, CAN interface for various communication tasks, metal housing, high degree of protection

R360/PDM NG/DialogDisplay

R360/PDM NG/DialogDisplay

R360/PDM NG/DialogDisplay/C

R360/PDM NG/DialogDisplay/C

Programmable graphic display IFM CR1085 for mobile machinery control with 10 ... 32 V DC, 0 ... 20 mA

R360/PDM NG/DialogDisplay

The large eco matmobile inspection frame involve a variety of goods to fit the extra requirements of movable supplements. Even in extreme circumstances like warmth, cold, humidity, dust and oscillation high reliability is required. The commodity series inserts controllers, monitors and I/O pitches. Telematics schemes turn on efficient rapid control and safe remote service and estimate.

Basic areas of enclosure include development machines, farm and forestry enginery, municipal transportation and vehicles for carriage and logistics.
The devices suggest enlarged EMC grades and take an e1kind statement.

Products from IFM's different goods bands adjunct the proposal.

What is an electronic system?

Electronic system – a system for control, protection or monitoring based on the use of one or more electrically programmable electronic (E) devices, including all elements of the system, such as power supplies, sensors and second mechanisms

Tenet of working:

The electronic control unit reads data from various engine sensors and controls its systems. Monitoring the operation of the engine and controlling its systems allows you to work in optimal mode and maintain the required standards of toxicity and fuel consumption.

On moving enginery with on-board capacity stockpiles, defensive conductors, conductive details of the electric equipment structure and other third-party conductive parts of the machine structure must be connected to the clamp Protective grounding to provide protection contra electric impact.

In places for connecting such machines to external power sources, this clamp must becoupled to an outer vindicative conductor.

The widespread use of electronic systems for functional control makes it possible to achieve a substantial enhancement in the operational properties of mobile machines:

  • Reduction of EH toxicity (NOx, CO, CH, particulate matter);
  • noise reduction;
  • improved fuel efficiency through more accurate combustible dosing at tall injection pressure and automatic regulation of fuel injection promotion angle;
  • aggrandized driving safety and comfort through unmanned mechanism shifting, enclosures of anti-lock and traction control chains and cruise control frames, suspension control methods and splint pressure verification;
  • facilitating the working conditions of operators;
  • improved manageability and stability;
  • simplified maintenance operations.

Mobile machines are a system consisting of separate subsystems:

  • fuel supply
  • ignition
  • cooling
  • lubricating
  • launch

They are related to each other and form a single whole when functioning as a system. Control is inextricably linked with the management of a mobile machine. The speed modes of operation of the machine are very variable, depend on the operating conditions and affect the load modes.

IFM Mobile Machines Systems

Monitoring components

  • Controllers
  • I/O modules
  • Gateways

Sensors / Image processing

  • Cameras for mobile applications
  • Actuators for moveable machines

Operation / Maintenance

  • HMI operator interface panels
  • Diagnostic and service units