Lenze 8200 Vector

Frequency inverter

  • Rated power: 22 kW
  • Ambient temperature: -10...55 C
  • Enclosure rating: IP20



Frequency inverter

  • Power: 3kw
  • Rated Current: 7.3A
  • Weight: 10 lbs

Frequency inverter

Frequency inverter

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LENZE inverter 8200 VECTOR


  • Torque adjustment
  • Speed adjustment
  • Positioning
  • Synchronization
  • Soft start and stop
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Protection against overheating
  • Monitoring of parameters
  • Fault diagnostics


  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • CANopen
  • Profibus
  • EtherCAT

lenze e82ev

  • Built-in braking resistor
  • Built-in EMI filter
  • Built-in control panel
  • External control panel
  • Memory card

Frequency inverter 13564190

Frequency inverter

  • Rated power: 0.55 kW
  • Supply voltage: 320 to 550 VAC
  • Rated current: 2.7 A

Standard I/O Coated module


Built-in functions:

  • PID controller
  • Flow regulator
  • Torque regulator
  • Automatic tuning function
  • Motor protection function
  • Energy saving function
  • Ability to connect to PLC

Lenze 8200 Vector frequency drive 11kW 400V for work with standard AC Induction motor

Frequency convertor 8200 vector e82ev152k2c Lenze 8200 Vector frequency divers for system solutions

Frequency convertors E82EV152K4C200 Lenze 8200 Vector 1.5 kw, 100 W, 3,9 A

Frequency convertor 8200 vector e82ev371_2c Lenze 8200 Vector frequency divers for system solutions

Lenze 8200 Vector frequency converter basic unit without integrated filter.

  • Power: 4.0 kW
  • Current: 9.5 A
  • Voltage: 380 V

Lenze 8200 Vector frequency converter basic unit without integrated filter.

Frequency convertor 8200 vector e82ev552k4c
Lenze 8200 Vector frequency divers for system solutions

Lenze 8200 E82E frequency drive for cabinet mounting with 4poles with modular communication LECOM, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen and CAN.

Lenze E82EV752K4C200 Vector frequency convertors with 7.5kW, 400V 3Ph motor in Flux Vector of VxF contorol to 16.5A.

OPERATOR KEYPAD MODULE Serve to visualize and adjust the operational parameters of the frequency converter.

Vector inverter

Max motor power: 1.1kW;

Out.voltage: 3x400VAC

Frequency inverter

  • DRIVE category
  • Description 8200 VECTOR
  • Weight 13.52 kg

Frequency converters is electrical equipment for regulating the frequency of alternating voltage. The main scope of these devices is changing the speed and torque of asynchronous electrical machines. The principle of operation of control and regulation is based on the dependence of the speed of rotation of the magnetic field on the frequency of the supply voltage.

Asynchronous electric motors are widely used as drives for industrial equipment, pumping units, control valves and other devices. The main disadvantage of these electric machines is the constant speed of rotation, high starting currents. With the help of frequency converters, it is possible to eliminate these shortcomings and significantly expand the scope of AC motors.

Today we will review Lenze frequency inverter 8200 vector.

What is Lenze 8200 Vector?

The Lenze 8200 vector frequency converter combines optimal power with high drive performance into one universal system. The modular range of converters allows you to solve your individual drive tasks - at a reasonable price. Lenze 8200 Vector frequency converters for system solutions The versatile product range provides you with everything you need for convenient operation, diagnostics and communication.

The Lenze 8200 Vector frequency converter is designed for cabinet installation and combines optimal power with high drive performance into one versatile multifunctional system. Frequency converters 8200 Vector (protection class IP20) regardless of power are programmed in the same way and contain the same external functional modules.

The unified series of these vector controlled frequency controllers includes everything you need for communication, control, monitoring and safe operation. This series is characterized by high overload capacity, high torque over the entire speed range, high functionality, easy parameterization, quick commissioning and maintainability, and the modular design allows you to easily configure the Lenze frequency converter for your tasks in the field of factory automation. For ease of use, the 8200 Vector series has modifications with power supply from both single-phase and three-phase 45 - 65 Hz mains.

Among the advantages of the Lenze 8200 vector inverter are:

  1. Ease of operation. The menu structure is similar to that in mobile phones! Using the new ergonomic XT keypad, you can set up the frequency converter very simply and quickly.
  2. Quick installation. The new Global Drive Control program will make your life easier. Predefined basic configurations make it very easy, and most importantly, quick to commission the converter. It saves time - and therefore money!
  3. Ease of maintenance. Functional modules with spring-loaded contacts make it easy and simple to connect the device. Naturally, the plugs are protected against polarity reversal.
  4. Safety even in tough conditions. Shielding of power and control cables makes wiring easier in accordance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The simple fastening of the cable shields ensures extensive cable shield contact for optimum EMC.

Base controllers

The Lenze 8200 line includes the following controllers:

  • E82EV251K2C - 0.25 кВт;
  • E82EV371K2C - 0.37 кВт;
  • E82EV551K2C - 0.55 кВт;
  • E82EV751K2C - 0.75 кВт;
  • E82EV152K2C - 1.5 кВт;
  • E82EV222K2C - 2.2 кВт;
  • E82EV551K4C - 0.55 кВт;
  • E82EV751K4C - 0.75 кВт;
  • E82EV152K4C - 1.5 кВт;
  • E82EV222K4C - 2.2 кВт;
  • E82EV302K4C - 3.0 кВт;
  • E82EV402K4C - 4.0 кВт;
  • E82EV552K4C - 5.5 кВт;
  • E82EV752K4C - 7.5 кВт;
  • E82EV113K4C - 11.0 кВт;
  • E82EV153K4B2xx - 15.0 кВт;
  • E82EV223K4B2xx - 22.0 кВт;
  • E82EV303K4B2xx - 30.0 кВт;
  • E82EV453K4B2xx - 45.0 кВт;
  • E82EV553K4B2xx - 55.0 кВт;
  • E82EV753K4B2xx - 75.0 кВт;
  • E82EV903K4B2xx - 90.0 кВт.

What is the Function of the Lenze 8200 Vector?

Among the main functions of the Lenze 8200 are:

  • Selection of incremental encoder settings;
  • Communication with peripheral equipment via external plug-in modules - interfaces RS232/485 (LECOM A/B), fiber optic communication (LECOM LI), as well as through other modules for common communication systems (CAN, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen);
  • Protection against short circuit and earth fault in the load during operation;
  • Adjustable motor current limit, overcurrent information and alarm indication;
  • Protection against overvoltage and undervoltage of the supply network;
  • Frequency converter overheating with message output and alarm indication;
  • Thermistor (PTC) for monitoring motor overheating;
  • Motor phase failure detection;
  • Built-in braking transistor in drives up to 11 kW;
  • Built-in radio interference protection;
  • PID controller;
  • Automatic pickup of the rotation speed of the electric motor;
  • Slip compensation and motor supply voltage;
  • Load loss/belt break monitoring;
  • Smooth S-curve acceleration and deceleration to prevent jerking;
  • DC braking;
  • motor potentiometer;
  • 4 switchable parameter sets that can be selected remotely as well;
  • Control and operation from XT keyboard module with flat text display and structured menu;
  • The function of copying the parameters of the inverter from the keyboard.

As an option for Lenze 8200 Vector frequency converters with output power from 3kW (only for X4X variants) a "safe standstill" function is provided. This function is implemented via connector X3.1 (X1.1 for 8200 Vector with output power from 15kW) to pins 34(+) and 33 of which the safety relay KSR (24V) is connected. The relay in the de-energized state blocks the output of the power IGBT switches of the frequency converter.

If you want to get more detailed information about the product, you can read the Lenze 8200 vector manual.

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