Lenze 8400 Protec

8400 protec HighLine Inverter
8400 protec HighLine Inverter

The 8400 protec frequency converter is designed for decentralized wall mounting and features a simple plug connection. The decentralized layout results in a significant reduction in the length of the motor cables. This allows you to clearly structure even the most complex system.

8400 Protec is a wall mounting device with more functionality for complex decentralized systems. It is characterized by robust construction, high reliability and fast installation.

Lenze complements these positive qualities with functions such as online diagnostics, positioning technology and integrated safety technology.

On-site diagnostics

A large indicator constantly informs about the status of the device. Additional diagnostic information is provided by 18 clearly mounted LEDs under the service cover. Thus, fast diagnostics makes a big contribution to the increased availability of the plant.

This high functionality converter can be used for a servo level application, the 8400 protec is supplied ready to connect complete with all modules and interfaces.

A frequency converter is an electronical system for changing the frequency of an electric current. Frequency converters are used in industry to check the pace of turning of asynchronous engines. The rotation speed is controlled by changing the frequency of the mover produce strain.

The Lenze 8400 protec drives are designed to control the operation of three-phase AC asynchronous motors, the design allows for wall mounting, a very robust and reliable construction. Features a high degree of functionality, includes everything you need to connect, suitable for both standard and servo applications. For ease of handling, there is a large screen that displays all the necessary information about the current state of the equipment, it allows you to clarify all the parameters right on the spot. It also provides alerts with bright LEDs. The housing is protected from dust and water jets.

Parameterization is carried out with the help of "L-force Engineer", free programming. Certified high-level operational safety system. A popular solution for scissor lift motors, intralogistics transport and handling, mechanical engineering, etc.


  • rotary tables and scissor lift tables (intralogistics),
  • monorail overhead conveyors (automotive industry)

Basic properties:

  • 150% overcurrent;
  • operating temperature 45°C without power reduction;
  • degree of protection IP20;
  • memory module for quick commissioning;
  • diagnostic connector L-force; for diagnostics and parameterisation, even while the plant is running;
  • integrated RFI filter;
  • plate for connecting the shield of the control cable;
  • automatic engine identification;
  • the presence of protection against short circuit, short circuit to ground and engine breakage.


  • Easy commissioning thanks to plug-and-play technology.
  • LED display and status LEDs.
  • High degree of protection IP65.

In addition to the ability to connect local security components and communications via the secure PROFIsafe, the certification security system also implements the following protective functions:

  • Safe Torque Off
  • Safe stop 1
  • Safe emergency stop
  • Safe mode selector
  • secure work permission key